It’s a process people

I don’t honestly think I’d even put Stevenson above Greenberry or Ayers in the Cougar pantheon. He’s a better fit for this system, but probably not all-around.

Lmao. How I would love to have seen Marquez playing with Case or Kolb. I get that we’re trying to downplay our talent. But we do have a lot of it on the field.

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I like Marquez, but he’s probably behind all of these guys right now:
Ken Hebert
Willis Adams
Don Bass
Elmo Wright
Jason Phillips
Manny Hazard
Donnie Avery
Brandon Middleton
Vincent Marshall
Patrick Edwards
Tyron Carrier

I think I’ve seen others say this, but I’d like to see him moved outside to utilize his speed; Either that, or give him more touches in the slot. We need to be feeding him as much as possible instead of trying to spread the wealth.

I will say this, I think King misses Lark and Brooker. Lark seemed to always make tough catches and Brooker was a great safety valve last season. Haven’t seen the same chemistry with Singleton or Trahan yet.

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You know Lark is still on the team, right?


Lark is still here…he’s just in the sidelines for some weird reason

Brandon Middleton is one of the best receivers I have ever seen at UH. He was able to latch on with Detroit for awhile. Great receiver.

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Holgorsen has either convinced him to take a step back to red shirt. Or more likely is in the dog house.

I’m sure the Powerhouse - 3rd Ward Defense - is tired of all the media it is getting…and will do a much improved game battle focus after the 9 day break…so lets get ready to R U M B L E ! ! !

Well that focus better come with a speed and talent infusion too, because we need a whole lot of that as well.

Now this isn’t directed at you, TBroost because I don’t think you had this take preseason. But I’ll bring it up here since I’m talking about physical talent.

There were some on here making the claim that this D would be better without Ed Oliver, because of the “distraction” At this point I’m comfortable nominating this take for one of the all time worst Cougar fan opinions ever. At this point Ed wasn’t the Gladys Knight to the Pips, he was Aretha, Whitney, etc. to our drunk dive bar karaoke.

I do…no idea why he isn’t playing.

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I also want to bring to the discussion that this season is the first time Coach H and family will game plan against the AAC teams and coaches as a rival or conference setting. And we all know that we are the a Power 6 conference and the AAC has some awesome coaches. Not in any particular order:
Dana Holgorsen
Josh Heupel
Mike Norvel
Willie Fritz
Luke Fickell
Sonny Dykes
Rod Carey
Phillip Montgomery
Charlie Strong
Mike Houston
Randy Edsall
Ken Numatalolo

…and if given the chance would love to do a BEAT DOWN of the conferences Top Tier Team…we have had many seasons where we smacked around everybody and last season and two we were smacked around a little bit too. But I predict that once Coach H fixes the 3rd Ward Defense and gets the offense to have scoring drives in each quarter we will be in the NCAAF top 15 - 25 again. The rest of the story will start in about 21 days.

1-3 is 1-3 but there are different kinds of 1-3s.

There are 1-3s where you get embarrassed.
There are 1-3s where you lose to the favored team.
There are 1-3s that come at the beginning of a coaching change.
There are 1-3s where you give away a game.

That’s all elementary to the fact that the worst kind of 1-3 are the kind that lead to 1-4s. 2-3 looks a little better.

It’s a process. LbUNT


I am hoping we can win 7 games this year but the way we are playing and coaching, I think we will be very fortunate to win 6 and that number could go down to 3. Which is incredible with D King at qb.and the offensive talent we have.

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Pardee started 1-6.

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‘Be patient’ is a great and favorite excuse along with ‘these players don’t fit the scheme.’ Add the ‘4 games in 19 days’ excuse but that works only for September only though. We do have a good band and the young ladies who are in the dolls are attractive and gifted dancers. So we got that going for us, which is nice.


Sorry but this crew will never be the on level of Coach Pardee if for no other reason than those players were in game shape. We essentially had NFL coaches on staff during that time.

I will agree to a point. You can’t blame the mess CDH inherited all on Major, lying Tom Herman is responsible for a lot of it. He gutted the 2017 recruiting class by taking the cream with him to UT. He left Major scrambling to find the leftovers and kids were skeptical since LTH had been all the rage. CMA’s 2018 recruiting class was below par and Dana had to find leftovers, transfers, etc after the early signing period had taken most of the good players. Coming off a drubbing by Army made UH unappealing to a lot of kids.

So while CMA has a lot of culpability for the roster, so does LTH and just plain coaching turnover.


Were they? Would you have realized this team was out of shape if, like Pardee’s first team, the only commentary you were able to hear about them was coming from a UH-approved radio announcer?

Coogfans was around for pardee but it was an actual bulletin board in lynn eusan Park and u would have to actually post comments with a thumbtack (and u actually had to spell out “you”).


Yep, and there were some awful games in that stretch.

I’m really hoping we won’t have to endure that before we see things turn around.