It seems like CDH really does want to be here for the long haul

I was looking at his older tweets (he doesn’t tweet much…) and man he sure does visit here quite often


Please, let’s not start this. I have heard this for the last 20 years of coaches at UH. It is wishful, but your setting yourself up for disappointment. Dana loves the city, yes. He has kept a home here. But it’s a leap to conclude he will be here for the long haul.


Dana marches to a different drummer. Yes, he is a long term solution. Always has been.


It’s increasingly taking blue chips to lure coaches away from UH. But what’s good about Holgorsen is that his personality isn’t conducive to getting hired by a top-flight program. This is what kept Mullin at Mississippi State so long, and why Hudspeth didn’t get looks when he was riding high in Lafayette.

Of course, Mullin did eventually get the Florida job. So nothing is safe. But my guess is that if he’s gone within four or five years, it’ll be because things went badly.

No one can predict the future but it sure looks like Dana has been wanting to come back to U of H for a while. Who can blame him to make the most money? That is how I view the last time around when he re-signed with WV. Was Mr. Fertitta willing to pay then what he is willing to pay today now? Only the two parties know. The last two/week(s) speak for themselves imo. The quality hires are a sign that he does want to stay here long term.

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Amen. Although, based on recent history, 5 years IS a long haul for us


From what I have heard is he always kept a house here.

Only a few winning coaches have stayed at UH. Take the under.

He spent eight years at WVU, he’ll have to win more here to last eight years.

But it’s an expensive set of drums we are talking about!

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I don’t see personality as a major factor on a coach’s resume. These schools want to win and if they believe a coach can come in and win, they will give them a shot based on that fact, not their personality. If that was the case, then Pirate Leach would be teaching philosophy in some uppity school.

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Personality is mostly an attendance builder.

I think Dana is a different cat…he’s already did the the P5 gig…been there/done that/got the tshirt…IMO he’s not looking at UH as a stepping stone to launch his career…IF the top tier blue bloods come after him its cause he knocked it out the park…not the WVU, Baylors or Techs of the world

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It’s also a potential problem for ADs and administration, so it can be a factor.

Personality is a major factor at the bluebloods. Which, notably, never came within a mile of Mike Leach.

Which is great for us. Because we don’t care about his personality (actually, I think it suits our particular needs very well), he’s probably not going to leave us for a lower-P5 any time soon, and this will keep him from being at the top of the list of higher-P5’s.

He’s been on his Back in H-Town Victory tour, let’s see some staff hires.

CDH was on Jim Rome today. I don’t know that he necessarily is going to be here for the long haul, but he’s saying the right things about making the move: 1/7/2019 - Dana Holgorsen - The Jim Rome Show -

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For those of you who have never left Houston: you can move somewhere and live at that place for years before coming back home and realizing that leaving was probably the biggest mistake of your life…


CDH already loves Houston. If he wins a lot, wins conference championship and some NY6 games, he will stay for awhile.

We’ll have to show him the door before he walks through it