It seems like CDH really does want to be here for the long haul

So true. I grew up in Houston, left for the military and longed to come back once I was done. Moved back as soon as I could.


Houston is also developing downtown areas rapidly

Houston is still growing as younger people moving in and leaving the suburbs

8-4 could still get you into the AAC Championship. With that victory and a bowl win totaling to 10, I don’t think he’ll face any heat for that. That’s the difference I think our officials are looking for. Can CDH turn nothing into something. Applewhite lacked those qualities and that’s what got him released. I think winning 10 games a year and conference championships even at 10-4, would be what our officials want in “making UH the most attractable” it can be during the shuffling of conferences.

That being said, I don’t think money will ever be an issue again, and as others have pointed out, do you really think CDH is the “rah rah rah, I wanna coach a blue blood” type? I doubt it.

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Yes it really is…what’s the latest in the 3rd ward…is it still gentrifying or has that slowed?..haven’t heard much lately!

Still developing

Hate using the word gentrification as it comes with a lot of baggage, but it’s already happening.

3rd Ward is still bad, but developers and investors are already starting to get involved as UH is changing. It’s politics that will slow any development down. It’s going to be development from the outside-in until much of the families are forced to leave due to rising property taxes

Once CDH gets his coaches on staff and recruits into the lineup, I expect us to be very competitive. He’s going to coach better, recruit better and the team will perform better. The AAC is not the BIG12. Top to bottom, the BIG12 is a tougher conference.