It's not working out for Lincoln Riley at USC (hence why we should consider an OC)

I think hiring a coach like Fritz is too risky and too costly

Let’s get an up and coming OC like Will Stein


I’m not following.


Riley dominated at OU. He’s not dominating in the PAC.

Hiring a coach that has had success in a different conference prior hasn’t let to much success

I see. That’s one example and not sure why that anecdote should apply to us.

Fritz is a HC that went somewhere else and did really well, multiple times.

Lincoln may just need a top notch DC like Clemson had with Venables.


Riley possibly getting fired next year would be one reason I’d actually consider keeping Dana for another year. I think he’d be a great fit here.

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We tried that once.

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Tried what exactly?

To hire Lincoln.

Circumstances were different. I’m just saying that if he was available next year (probably won’t be), he’d be at the top of my list.

Lol i thought you were referring to hiring Dana via “we stole a P5 head coach!!”

I’d hire him in a heartbeat, just don’t think he’s coming here.

No, I’d much rather have Lincoln.

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no i know i meant the fact that Dana was on the verge of getting fired at WVU and then we hired him

It’d be a bit of a pipe dream to be sure. I just think more generally that whoever replaces Dana (whenever that is) needs to be a high octane offensive coach. I think ultimately that’s what our fans are conditioned to want to see.


I think Lincoln’s got his sights set on the NFL after SC.

If Caleb Williams gets drafted #1 overall, then yeah I agree he gets interviews for OC jobs in the NFL

Can you imagine going to a job interview and the HR person throws your resume in the garbage and says, “I don’t care about all that. Tell me what you’ve done in the last month.”

That’s our fan base. Hell, its shorter than a month. We don’t want a guy because he lost last week.


It just highlights how there’s a lot more randomness to this than anyone wants to admit. USC getting Riley was one of the biggest coaching move coups in a long time and he’s on the hot seat two years later.

Tom Herman was an immediate success here. Now at FAU without taking over a roster loaded with NFL talent and Greg Ward it looks like he’s going to finish with less wins in his first year than Taggart did at any point.

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Right. So, the talent at FAU isn’t great. (Even his starting QB is out for the year) He had talent at Texas and won with it. Same thing here. The FAU job doesn’t necessarily translate to the UH job or Texas job. He was 7-3 when he got fired at UT, and they fired him because he let his players forgo singing their school song. Not because of football.