It's official: Harbaugh BANNED from sidelines

QUOTE: Michigan was found to be in violation of the Big Ten Sportsmanship Policy for “conducting an impermissible, in-person scouting operation over multiple years, resulting in an unfair competitive advantage that compromised the integrity of competition,” the conference said in a statement.

He will be in a cage hoisted over the field, like a wrestling manager.


Big 10 lives to serve Ohio St. Michigan should seriously consider leaving for the SEC where they cheat with impunity. #FreeHarbaugh


Can he be in the box? That’s ridiculous


so a slap on the wrist then? he’ll have a better view coaching from the box anyway.

I still dont know all the details of this and it impacts us zero so im indifferent.

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Does seem like a slap on the wrist if he can still coach from up above.


Serve Ohio st? This isn’t even a punishment. He gets to coach them during the week. This is nothing.

I’ll bet a lot of these Michigan fans are Detroit Tiger fans who booed Altuve and Bregman and thought they were scum of the earth for the Astros thing.

well, we got caught cheating sooooooo lol

its hard to defend the astros in that regard, but we’re still World Series Champs

Here Jim, we’ll put you in a better location to steal signs with binoculars.


So did Michigan. So…… if their fans act like this should be no big deal then that’s stupid.

He can’t coach the team during games so it is a punishment. Anyway screw the rule, screw the Big 10, and screw Ohio St. #FreeHarbaugh #WhatAreWeDoing

Yeah cheating doesn’t matter. Let’s not a big deal out of it because everybody does it. Well, unless it’s the the Astros. Then we should act like it’s the biggest deal in the world.

Oh, because I was thinking he was banned from the sidelines, but could still coach from the press box.

That WOULD be a slap on the wrist.

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so can he coach or cant he? thats the difference maker.

also - is the NCAA still investigating with potential penalty? or is this it?

He can coach during the week but not on gamedays. When they say sideline they’re including the booth as well. Though that would be funny if Michigan were to put him up there thinking it was some sort of loophole. Lol


Well, if so, then that’s not a slap on the wrist, though it probably doesn’t go far enough.

But I just looked at Forbes.

He cannot be at the venue for any regular season game, though he can still return for the B1G title game, and playoffs/bowls.

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I mean, Sampson had a 5 year show cause for a rule that changed while he was in the NBA. Just because you think a rule is dumb doesn’t mean you won’t get penalized while it’s in effect.

On the other hand, the Astros really got hit for violating a memo, using equipment that the league provided to all teams. Hard to call that a material competitive advantage. At least this rule is meant to protect teams with fewer resources.

It wasn’t invented in the Astros clubhouse. Beltran even said that they were behind the times with the cheating. Players who were on other teams and then with the Astros, like Reddick who was on the dodgers, and McCann said that the same type thing was being done with other teams. The only difference is that the Astros had a Mike Fiers. Cora did similar stuff with Boston in 2018 but they didn’t have a Fiers, so their punishment was draft picks taken away for one draft.