Its officially a two-team race

We need our best crowd of the year out for SMU. The students need to be X Factor.

Additionally, I’d love to win the conference tourney. If we stumble I hope Temple wins it. They’ve had a tough ride but they seem to be putting it back together. Would be fun to see them make the tourney, although they’re at best probably a one-and-done.


So SMU beat Memphis? Hooray! I hate that team the most because they have the most nastiest fans of all!


Now Memphis has to fend off Tulane for third. And Temple is sneaking up. I assume Memphis and Tulane are playing for a place in the NIT if they can’t win the tourney.

SMU controls their destiny just like us. They have a serious shot to slip in the tourney. And I think they would be dangerous for a round or two.

Penny could end up being an NIT legend. Lol


Memphis will still be a tough out in the conference tourney… I want that regular season title, though.


SMU winning that was prob the better outcome. Our chances of beating SMU at home is better than beating Memphis on the road with that being our 4th game in 7 days.

Sweep the 3 home games and worst case scenario is we have to share the title with SMU


I feel good about our chances… Walker’s shooting turned on at just the right time. Hopefully, Edwards finds his stroke again.

Carlton should have a day against them, too… But he’s kind of inconsistent right now.


I hate that Wichita State has struggled so much that they are most likely 8 or 9 meaning a 1st round opponent if you win the conference tourney. There are easier matchups than the shockers in this conference. I also wonder if WSU is making up all these Covid games…I know we are.


At this point, i’m not sure if winning the AAC tournament helps us.

We already have our ticket to the NCAA but we are gassed.

Not playing an extra game or 2 in the AAC tournament might help us more than a marginal bump up in our seeding.

We need to be as fresh as possible entering the Dance


If we win the regular season title then I’d like to see us make a concerted effort in the conference tourney to win our quarterfinal game, make a go of it in the semifinal game but if it gets out of hand either way then pull the starters earlier than normal. I’d prefer to have that extra day of rest for the guys to make a good push for 2 games to get to the S16.


It would be a paradox for Sampson’s toughness philosophy.

The tournament will be tough. I was hoping Memphis would win yesterday so they and SMU would pair up on the same side of the tournament bracket. It’s going to be tough if we have to play Memphis and SMU on back to back days, being the 3rd and 4th days of the tournament…

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Welp we need to beat SMooo. We can not afford to tie them because they would be No 1 seed.
Hopefully the tourney means nothing to us


Tulane has been preparing for us all year and will have had a whole week to gear up for the Coogs. I think it will be another brawl Wednesday night.


Me too… so what are we waiting for? Bring them and their largest crowd of the year on!

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100%. Number one priority is winning the next 4 so we win the title outright, the less at stake for us when we go to Memphis the better.

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shouldnt be a two team race imo. although it looks like smu is a lot closer to the coogs than i thought, the coogs still are the ones with 22 wins. they have the team to win the regular season. winning the tourney might be tough given the coogs lack of depth to give enough players enough rest, but winning the league should be expected given the season the coogs have played.

Seems like every team we play is hot. While Tulane will be a challenge no one in the league is coming off a more impressive win than SMoo.
Hard for me to believe that the Stangs looked so good against a team that thrashed us on our home court

I want to clinch the AAC regular-season title by winning the final game at Memphis and cut down nets on their court.

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Agreed. Winning no on the road against Tulane might be tougher than some think. Let’s take care of Tulane and see where it shakes out. We really can’t afford to drop any other games given we might lose at Memphis. Temple is playing really good basketball right now, too. One of their top players was out the last time we played, and he’s a difference maker

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