I've been Neutral about Dana

But looking at the program right now after 5 years, you have got to say he has NOT brought us forward. We have high expectations and he has delivered low expectations. Enough is enough. We need new leadership. He could do an amazing turn around in the next game but I don’t think anyone is counting on it. He is a dead man walking


I have a lot issues with Dana but the biggest one is his lack of accountability.

In the first year he said famously “I can’t coach this sh*t”

Last night he said “it is not the play calling, it is just not”.

All along he has been saying they don’t have players.

Well if you are in year 5, you should have the players and they should be coached up. Dana it is on you.

I am tired of his act.


Dana has a history of being an offense coach. Well, he hasn’t shown i here. He says he wants a run game and the best this team can do is 2.5 yds per effort. I’ve been a wait and see guy. Now I’m a slash and burn sort of guy. I hope someone steps up and negotiates a release from his contract. I was at Robertson during the really bad years. This team looked worse.


The membership fees to the Hate CDH Club have tripled for those just now seeking to join. After all it’s all about hate. Nothing to do with football.


Dana’s like the mailman, delivers lots of junk. Rarely anything meaningful.


I am pro Dana.

But Dana is not pro Dana. Dana came here and rejected his prior identity and is working relentlessly to be something he’s not.

Whatever it is that Dana is trying so hard at UH to be…
I’m against that.


So is it the play calling or play execution?

Either way, it’s still on the coach.


Regardless, it’s the underlying dysfunction that leads to both.

You can call every individual play good or bad play-calling. The problem is Dana’s play-calling taken in the composite is a loser.

I was genuinely excited when UH hired him because I remember the years when he was Sumlin’s OC here with Case and Kliff. That was CUSA and we didn’t have the athletes that power programs had. But, he was creative with plays to call when you had a team that was undersized (as a whole) and not of the individual caliber of a power team.

That meant passing. Yes, if you go fast, your defense has the possibility to get tired, but you at least have a performance to watch. I enjoyed it. It gave Houston an identity. I truly don’t understand why we are not passing more with faster creative plays since we obviously don’t have a running game.


After sleeping on it some more, I’ve come to the same conclusion. Dana’s got to go! If they lose the next game, which is certainly possible, they need to “Herm Edwards” him!


We’ve been stuck in a churning wave of CDH’s making ever since he has been here. Every once in a while you get knocked around and your head gets above the water and you think you made it out of the wave but no it was just a temporary reprieve and you inevitably get sucked back under. This is the CDH tenure from the beginning. No structure, stability, or progression just a bunch of chaos and we all feel like we are drowning (figuratively of course).


I’ve been neutral also. I have been a fan of UH for over 45 years and was at the game last night. I honestly think it is the worst offensive Cougar football team I have ever seen. They need to come together and find a way to start improving.

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Maybe they could handle Dana like a civil servant you can’t fire and “promote” him to the position of “head coach consultant.” The person that replaces him at the coaching position can listen to Dana’s “suggestions” on staff and plays but Dana has no authority to enforce his position, only suggest. Cheaper than firing him with the buyout. He basically becomes a paid fan. Heck we can even donate a large flat screen, recliner, and mini-fridge stocked with Red Bull and Vodka. Half-time entertainment will be replays of him yelling at it during the game and throwing cans of Red Bull because nobody is listening to him when he calls the 1st down run up the middle…

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