Ive been reading alot of criticism of UH (mostly elsewhere)

About how bad the offense was, and how we were terrible for 3.5 quarters. Which is an odd perspective. In fact I think we showed how good we are by overcoming flukes, penalties, missed calls and turnovers. Plus conditioning really took over. And the defense. Man. How is that terrible?

Lots of griping about the playcalling, which I had no issue with. The Cincy Interior Dline is excellent, likewise, it was obvious we didn’t want to run Ward in the beginning but went with it when we had to and it paid off.

What’s truly scary to me is… how good we are NOW, and we still have a ton of room to improve especially on the Oline.

Imagine what happens when things really start gelling. The defense is already there and can still get better.

Interior O-line has to improve. Long and Fontana got absolutely mauled last night. If we make it to the playoffs and have to face Bama with that interior OL combo…well, I don’t even want to think about that.

NO doubt. However, great teams overcome themselves, and that’s what we did last night.

To the extent that we have a weakness this season, it’s probably in the O-Line, but even with that, we’ve still been swallowing up yardage this season. The fact that that would be our “weakness,” and yet, despite that, we’re still gaining plenty of yardage, speaks to just how strong our team is overall.

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UH has offense has barely scratched the surface of its potential largely due to the OL play. As such read option has been anaemic and the run game has not fully gelled
Yet we still throttled Oklahoma and survived Cinci.

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