Jacksonville State pulls Hail Mary ish play to stun Florida State

Ouch is right! Lol

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I said this was a make or break season for Florida St staying as an “elite” in college football. With Miami gaining a ton of steam, especially with all the NIL money, plus UCF getting into the Big12, they better be careful. 4 straight losing seasons and the slide could get even worse. Might lose their 2030 SEC invite! lol.

Well, there is this bug going around they say…
I wouldn’t put to much faith in these types of numbers just yet.

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Yeah, it’s an interesting discussion in and of itself as to who are true blue bloods or elites and
if such status can be lost.

Blue bloods , in my book, are schools like Ohio State, Michigan, ND, USC, Texas, OU, Bama,
and some others. And this status can never be lost.

I would see FSU and Nebraska as in the elite class, and I think it’s a possibility
both could be on the cusp of losing that title. Of course some may lump Nebraska as a blue blood…,kinda subjective.

And when the game ends, the graphic says JSU 0-2, FSU, 1-1. C’mon.

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Did we break Fla State?


Nebraska gets the edge for me because they have a much better fan base and are in a better conference. Nebraska still got sell outs of 86k for Fordham and Buffalo after the disappointing first game. Florida St didn’t sell out for Notre Dame, had 68k then dropped to 60k. Had a couple games in 2019 under 50k I believe. Easier for them to fall off without a crazy fan base.

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Fair enough on Nebraska. Do you draw a distinction between blue bloods and elites ?
I tend to think of the former as being relevant in football for 70+ years and having won
multiple National Championships.

Nebraska’s sellout streak has huge asterisks. Last few years boosters have been called upon to buy seats and donate them and the student section is often left with tons of empty rows. A much better fan base than FSU but some smoke and mirrors at play.

As many people watch ND to see them lose as see them win. As in most of us here. Covid will hurt live gates this season, too. Shouldn’t hurt TV numbers.

Going by memory, but that tackling to end the game was sort of like Case’s throw for the Vikings.

Kyle Postma’s 29 yard 4th quarter keeper on 3 and 7 and UH up by only a TD in the Peach Bowl did a lot of psychological damage to the Semicolons, from which they apparently have yet to fully recover. - So, yeah, we broke them.

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Now that I think about it, FSU hasn’t been the same since the Peach Bowl

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We destroyed FSU

All downhill for them since

But sad to see them lose despite Milton’s heroics. Great respect for him.

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Jimbo got out in time. They were cursed. They were trending down before our game and then we punched them in the mouth.

It can be tough, but yeah probably has to come down to multiple titles over the years with different coaches. Then having a big, loyal fan base.

Always those weird programs like A&M who haven’t won anything in generations but still are a power with money, fans, etc.

Put South Carolina and Tennessee in there too. Is LSU more of a blue blood than A&M?

Loved seeing this. That program sure has gone in the toilet over the last decade.

Didn’t Miami have to score late to edge Appalachian State ?

It’s been all downhill for us since then as well.