January 6, 2023 - 11:15

You Republicans. Unbelievable.

Summer 2020, you Democrats, unbelievable, billions in destruction, violence, killings, lootings…yet, even with footage, no accountability…

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Care to refute this ?

Some more serious charges were filed as well, however. The Associated Press reported hundreds were charged with burglary and looting as of June 4, 2020.

In October 2020, researchers writing for The Washington Post analyzed 7,305 protest events and found police made arrests at 5% of them. Only 3.7% of the events involved property damage or vandalism, according to the analysis.

Arrested and let go? O.K…were not parts of entire cities occupied like Portland and Seattle causing extensive damage and business closures? So, I didn’t see the footage of buildings on fire. It must have been a conservative optical illusion. you are right, no damage to cities with over 400 riots. Come on man!

So we now have another insurectionist supporter on the site. Are you a Q annon believer too?

“For people to say people who participated in the protests of the summer of 2020 got no jail time, that’s not my experience in my court,” said Howell, who added that she’d sentenced a man to more than a year for breaking a bank window and walking inside.

“He took nothing. I gave him 16 months,” said Howell, an appointee of President Barack Obama. She added: “He wasn’t disrupting a constitutionally mandated process. … My experience was felony prosecutions in this court and lots of jail time.”

“The goal of a lot of protests in 2020 was to hold police accountable and politicians accountable for police brutality — and murder, in George Floyd’s case — and to improve our political system. What happened on Jan 6 is in a totally different category from that protest. It was to stop the government from functioning at all to stop the democratic process and it worked,” Howell said. “They’re not comparable.”

So just stop trying to conflate both events. Jan 6th tried to stop the transfer of power after Trump lost an election. 2 years out, it looks even worse since the “stolen election” never happened. People are going to jail because they were conned by Trump and encouraged by him and his sycophants to do his dirty work.

They had tshirts made with “Civil War” on them prior to the event.


Whataboutism - when you got no where else to go.


That said, I’m not sure where @HCNY was going with his post.

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Maybe for this.


Back the Blue…as long as it’s beating the black.


The hypocrisy of the MAGAs was exposed on Jan 6.


Just about everything you said there is incorrect. There was damage. I’m not sure how you are defining extensive damage, but dollar amount estimates are out there. People served time for
serious crimes. As they should. Overall most of the protests were peaceful however; but there were exceptions and there were consequences imposed by our judicial system on perpetrators. Please read the reasonable sources posted, as what your claiming is mostly false.

But none of this has anything to do with Jan 6th now does it ?

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Doesn’t have to have anything to do with anything if the only goal is to own libs.


The Republicans that supported the actions taken by protestors/insurrectionists on 1/6 were out of line and are wrong imo…

But anybody that doesn’t think that CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle isn’t the hardcore leftist’s microcosm of the Right-wing 1/6 insurrection please feel free to explain the difference…?

One was against the federal government. That’s the main difference.


Pick the nicest possible picture of 1/6 and the one of the ugliest pictures of another protest. Par.

The sad thing is there are pictures of 1/6 that look like your first one.

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And then there were FBI and Antifa personnel who infiltrated the crowd. Contrary to the media, there were no police officers killed. One died of a stroke and 4 committed suicide. The J6 prisoners for the most part are everyday people like you and I who are being made an example of for protesting for their beliefs. There are some who have been in prison without due process x 2 years. Whatever your beliefs on the election, the scary thing is, the federal government has targeted its own citizenry for protesting an election using mostly prayers and walking. Some that are in prison never entered the Capitol. I have seen video of Antifa breaking windows and Capitol police opening the doors and inviting people in.
I would love to see all the video. Curious they have not released it. I also pray for Ashli Babbitt and her family. I am very wary of the Uniparty/globalist/weaponized government who is using censorship to silent groups of people.

The summer protests, some of which turned violent, were in response to police brutality. It all got out of hand but was largely spontaneous.

Jan 6 was a group called to storm Congress to stop the certification of an election. The Jan 6 Committee showed organization and intent from within the White House in coordination with the Oath Keepers and other groups.


Ah we’re at ANTIFA and the Feds infiltrating and framing White Trash Lives Matter.


The Q annon folks were here the whole time…shocking…said no one.

Should we keep a list of the self described Q folks: