Jarace Walker Playing with First Team

JD reporting.

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Whos he replacing?

Not sure but my guess would be Chaney.

Dude is a projected top 10 draft pick. Not shocked!!!


J’wan for now…
Our starting line up isn’t much of a surprise from the practice videos

Starters wear red and rotation wears gray… jarace has been red all practice… j’wan has mostly been gray

Thanks @pesik.

This should be a fun season. So much talent!


Thanks JD…another Breaking News headline !!


Starting lineup, Sasser, Shead, Marks, Chaney and Jarace Walker with Roberts coming off the bench, seems like a good guess?


That is a heck of a player coming off the bench in J’wan!


Wow. What a surprise.

See archives for the long list of those who were oblivious to this reality.

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Roberts will still get heavy minutes……probably double what Reggie gets.


Roberts will be our biggest minutes guy up front at the beginning.

We are fortunate to be in a situation with 4 bigs who aren’t going to hurt us on the court so we can take our time some with Jarace and Javier

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He gone

After this season

Irrelevant to this season

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Whose gone ?

Jarace Walker

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Yep, he’s in the portal.

Practice was too hard….word is he will redshirt this year and play for Memphis next year.


He gon’ tear up the nation!

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Been a while since we had a real one and done.

Man child. Was the #1 player as an 8th grader. Kinda of like a prodigy since then. Our Ed Oliver of basketball. Can’t wait to see how well he and the other two talented freshman do this upcoming season. Our highest rated recruit since ESPN/Rivals/247 became a thing.

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