Jarace Walker

You mean like throwing out field goal percentages and using that to defend the notion that it represents good shooting from the field without understanding that dunks and layups, even buckrts in the paint, doesn’t reflect good perimeter shooting. You mean idiotic things like that.

He’ll get it fixed in the D League, right??? Right???

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It is going to be crazy when he puts all of this stuff together for a full game.

This :100:

He can still be so much better on offense. I think hes such a team player is hard for him to just be like Larry Johnson or Karl Malone back in the day and be that Alpha on offense when Sasser may not quite have it or on the bench for whatever reason.

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I was disappointed with Jarace in the first half, but he more than made up for it with his defense in the second half.

Don’t forget the huge 3. That ignited our run.

Dude let his nuts hang. And pulled up for a 38 footer. Nothing but net. Was beautiful.