Jared Pettitte enters transfer portal


I respect Andy Pettitte so much for the love he has for his city. He could have sent his son to play anywhere he wanted, but he sent him to play at UH! When he came back from his initial retirement, he could have played anywhere he wanted, but he chose to play for the Stros! That’s big time loyalty and love for one’s hometown there!


Rumors have it Pettitte is going to DBU, Dallas Baptist University…

Good luck to him

They have a very good program


Not a ringing endorsement of the program. He’s running off to a better program in the state. A directional, private religious school.

But, hey, everyone thinks this program under the current leadership couldn’t be in a better place.


I don’t think you’re even close to right on that.


Good to know, Law. I witnessed many apologists over the years who resort to unsavory tactics to dismiss folks’ concerns.

While I have concerns over the program, this transfer is not one of them. With the cancellation of the season and the additional year of eligibility given, players are transferring at an unprecedented rate…nearly 1000 at this point in the portal. Playing time will be at a premium with the addition of an extra class on the roster. Players are going to find their best landing spot…whether staying put or finding a program with the best chance of playing time.


Idk… But coach has earned at least 2 more years imo…

Wishing Jared the Best at DBU!!! Except when they play the Coogs…

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