Jarreau update


See the bottom of this piece from Kris Gardner.

At least he’s still on the team. I really liked this part and I think it is why we should be a favorite to win the AAC. We’re underrated because people think last years team was the Rob Gray show but it wasn’t, as good as he could be.

" Last year’s team won because we were ranked 13th in the nation defensively. Not because of an individual player but because that team could guard. And, then, we could rebound. When you can defend and rebound and take care of the ball, you have a chance to be in every game you play. And, that’s the way we roll around here."


Hopefully, DeJon can get whatever’s going on resolved. We’re going to need him this year.

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Agree on that. Down the stretch we came with 3+ on every defensive rebound. We didn’t go toe-to-toe with Cincy, WSU, SDSU, and Michigan simply because of Rob driving the lane.

We went TTT with great programs because of our intensity on missed shots. There was no team in the tourney that bounced it off in transition better than the Coogs.

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is he going to play vs byu? vs oregon?

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So what’s a team issue???

Based on just hearing coach say “it’s not physical” and him being at all the games and cheering the team. I’m guessing its mental and has to do with grades or an unexcused absence from practice due to his grandma passing or just stress in general. Either till finals are over and he pulls it up or till hes ready mentally. Chances are he wont be back for oregon since that’s the first day of finals I believe. Just spitballing.

I’m only assuming based on what’s been said.

Jarreau played after his grandmother’s funeral. That was an excused absence.

Corey was late once and missed a half.

Jarreau has missed two games now. Don’t know what it is, but it’s not trivial.

I dont think its trivial. My thinking is he’s going through the stages of grief (so it just hit him) I imagine he’s somewhere in between not wanting to play/study or is just feeling some sort of external stimuli from either class, practice, family or all three. Maybe he got into it with someone in practice and is just in a tight emotional space.

It’s too close of a coincidence not to take that into consideration, ill even go on to say he hasn’t seemed to isolate himself and coach hasn’t isolated him either and even said “Hopefully he’ll be back soon”.

But like i said im spitballing.

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ive seen sampson talk about jarraeu twice since his suspension, he doesnt talks about him like he is in trouble with them

i thinks its an ncaa issue or grades

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Grades ?! I hope we can keep him on the team.

If it’s a team issue, it’s more likely grades than NCAA. As Cougar Red said, he’s played in a game.

if its a grade thing then he just has to wait till the next semester in 2 weeks

they could have found a new violation, and are waiting to get clearance from the ncaa…and not risking it

something like the rob gray thing but it happened or discovered in season

they might not be playing him to not risk vacated wins

Could be he was just late to a team meeting.

Nah, sitting two games for late to a meeting doesn’t seem like Coach’s style. Bobby Knight, maybe.

Really glad we have Coach Sampson on the bridge.




Messing around with somebodies mom? Haha jk.

Journalists should spellcheck.

he is back after lamar

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