JC Washington transferring from Charlotte

Young man can’t seem to find a fit yet. Former Coog.


So he transfers from Houston after playing 16.9 minutes a game as a true freshman to go somewhere that he will “make a bigger impact” in his own words, sits out a year and then asks to transfer again because he is averaging only 17.4 minutes a game as a redshirt sophomore 11 games into his first season there?

How does the NCAA handle people like this? Is he going to sit out another year and be a Senior at the next stop?

He’s actually a junior as he spent the year between UH and Charlotte at Trinity Valley JUCO. He still has his redshirt year or he can come back and play next spring for wherever he ends up at since he’s transferring now.

If I remember right, the decision for JC to leave was mutual as it was likely he wasn’t going to see much playing time after his freshman year and the Coogs were hoping to get his scholarship back to use on a big man. Good kid, but his tweeter height and skill set make it hard for him to see the court.