JD Monday Periscope

  • What needs to happen for the Coogs to make the conference championship? Win out and get help. Lot can happen and its way too early to worry about tiebreakers right now.
  • Navy game with East Carolina this week has been postponed until November
  • Steven Taylor is back from suspension. No knowledge on why he was suspended, but he did travel with team to Annapolis. Doesn’t think it was serious and may have just been a missed team meeting/class
  • Bowser had surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks. Could be back by the Tulane game.
  • Vibe around the team was rough on Sunday night; heads down. Players today were ready to go and upbeat and ready to take it out on Tulsa.
  • Team stood with Navy for their alma mater and Navy stood with UH for their alma Mater. Navy folks were upset that Navy played theirs before UH’s.
  • Catalon had symptoms that were concussion related and had to reenter protocol. Weren’t going to take chances. Was on field, but in yellow non-contact jersey. CTH should know more today and more info tomorrow.
  • CTH said no Brandon Wilson just yet on offense. Just happy to have him back for defense and in the return game.
  • Stevenson was out running at practice last night. Will have x-ray on collarbone a week from Sunday. If good, can be back on the field immediately. May be back for SMU or UCF game.
  • No update on Samples - JD will be having a story on him in the next week or two
  • Guard spot continues to be a revolving situation. Can’t seem to find the right combination of what works at the position.
  • M. Oliver out with high ankle sprain and will be out against Tulsa
  • Winchester has struggled this season
  • CTH statement - Houston not deep enough or talented enough to play a “C” game against a team like Navy playing an “A” game and win
  • CTH creating a captains’ wall and says good examples are last year’s captains. Mentions that this year’s captains need to step up and lead. Lack stand up guy like Farrow, McDonald, or Roberts.
  • Doesn’t think that coaching rumor distractions caused Navy loss.
  • Lot of missed tackles Saturday; arm tackling, bad angles. Team will have wet ball snaps every Tuesday in response to the bad punt snap that went for the safety.
  • Thought the Roughing the Punter call was a tough call and did swing the game. Ended in Field goal for Navy when Houston was about to get the ball.
  • Will Worth (Navy QB) executed option perfectly
  • Last year’s team had a lot of seniors that were able to make plays (Wilson, Roberts, etc…)
  • G. Davis missed interception hurt as that could have been a big play that swung the game
  • Tulsa much better than last few years. Very balanced offense. Will have another chat later in the week going into Tulsa more
  • JD had to block quite a few participants today as I guess there are quite a few trolls coming on the last few sessions.

Thanks Patrick…JD periscope is one of my favorite things to read,very informative…


Would they really burn Stevenson’s red shirt this late in the year?

If he’s back to full speed and shows well in practice, I think they would. They need a speed receiver to keep teams honest on the deep ball. Dunbar, Allen, and Bonner are great hands receivers that can also block, but they aren’t going to scare teams deep. Samples has speed, but the concussion problems. Isaiah Johnson was supposed to help in that area, but his hands and inconsistency keep him off the field for long stretches of time. The other recruits we brought in with speed (Lark, Corbin) aren’t up to “speed” as of yet.

It’s why CTH moved King to slot; his speed is a weapon, but they haven’t really gotten him downfield much as they mainly use him out of the backfield. With Louisville on the horizon, CTH will use anyone he can that can help.


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