JD Periscope from lunchtime yesterday

About 25 minutes long. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.


OK, have the time to listen, here’s the breakdown of the session:

  • He’s sitting at Schroeder Park and shows it off at the beginning. Beautiful park and JD compliments it quite a bit
  • Not sure what the Tekyl hire does for Edward Jones (Later revealed he’ll be the Director of Recruiting)
  • Talks about the home opener for baseball with Wake Forest tonight
  • Starters after Romero - Says it’ll probably be Ullom and Cumbie, but John King might be in the mix.
  • King and the freshman Villareal are battling for the closer spot
  • Football trades the daughter for the dad; Tim Tekyl comes on as the Director of High School relations
  • Bobby Merritt signed as the Director of Player Personnel; former Texan scout - unsure what that position will entail
  • Shows off the wall where the baseball accomplishments are listed now. Also shows off the baseball facility
  • Talks basketball game against SMU. Mentions that the last game against SMU was the worst they played this year. Have won 5 in a row since then.
  • Picked up 2018 commitment from Desoto, Kelan Walker, top ranked RB in DFW area. He was part of the Desoto state championshp team last year. Big start to the recruiting class.
  • Got to remember that these are 17 year old kids so nothing is set in stone. Have to worry about the ones that flip over and over again, but these are kids making big life decisions.
  • Coach Sampson will be a grandfather sometime this year; Kellen Sampson and wife Tanya will be having a baby and Coach will be named “Papa K”
  • Basketball entering “shark infested waters” according to Coach Sampson due to the next 4 games
  • Softball hosting National Champ Oklahoma on Saturday
  • Mentions Seth Romero article from Wednesday - Link to article/thread here: UH's Seth Romero not focusing on MLB draft
  • Moves closer to the field
  • Mentions that Romero has come a long way; lost 40 pounds…says his windup looks like Fernando Valenzuela
  • King and Postma won’t be ready for Spring. Allen and Sells will be getting the bulk of snaps
  • Duke Catalon rumors are untrue and he never quit. He is on the roster and will be part of the team.
  • Gets closer to baseball facility and shows them pouring concrete
  • Coach Scelfo is staying…was never going to go to Atlanta
  • Walks out on field where Houston media members are taking batting practice
  • Staff is looking to add a CB and OL to current class
  • Patrick Carr is still on team
  • Has not been on new grass practice field that was installed for Super Bowl. Saw the one at Rice and it was real nice
  • Again mentions that the Catalon rumors are completely false
  • Mentions he won’t respond to rumors on twitter, but will in these chats
  • Last look he had on the Indoor Practice Facility was signing day and it looked pretty good. Should be ready for August
  • Hasn’t talked to CMA recently; signing day is done and you can catch your breath a bit before Spring starts
  • Mentions that he hasn’t had a lot of time with this coaching staff yet; was close to last staff. Doesn’t expect to have too many issues getting to know the new staff once they get going.
  • Will be putting out a RB preview soon.
  • Key hires for coaches: Brian Johnson and Mark D’Onofrio are the key ones
  • Mentions that the Miami fans blew up his timeline complaining about D’Onofrio’s style
  • Says that Scelfo will be a huge impact with his NFL experience
  • AJ Blum’s relationship with Ed Oliver is huge
  • Won’t shy away from 4 and 5 star recruits if they think they can get them
  • Says that USF will probably be the favorite; Flowers coming back for them. East is pretty weak outside of the Bulls
  • Says that Memphis and Houston will be favored out West…but the West is a tough division with Tulsa and SMU also coming along
  • Most of the big games at home for the Coogs and then the USF game on the road
  • Says that it will probably 4 or 5 years before expansion happens.
  • Houston isn’t interested in a G5 playoff; focused on P5
  • Shelby Miller has 4 HR and 12 RBIs for softball which is in the Top 5 nationally
  • JD will be at the SMU game Saturday - huge game…biggest game in several years at Hofheinz

Thanks for the summary.

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thanks for this summary. Patrick…Great stuff!!

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