JD Periscope from yesterday

2 sessions as he had to leave to take a phone call right after he started the 1st session:
1st: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1RDxloBvYYEJL
2nd: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1gqxvRmVgMexB

  • Big 12 had decided to stay at 10, confirmed with Houston sources (prior to press conference)
  • ESPN reported that none of the schools had 8 votes and that no vote was even taken
  • Heard from TV side of it, weighed the options, voted to not expand, and flew out
  • Spoke to Fertitta who was disappointed - talked to him about UH future, Herman’s future, and getting all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Had to go due to phone calls

  • Presidents of expansion candidates had received phone calls. Chancellor Khator had just released a statement
  • Fertitta said that TV had an influence
  • Fertitta said that another P5 would grab us; just a matter of time
  • Options: Yurachek had met with the PAC 12 and B1G for introductory meetings
  • Aresco had mentioned about ramping up the Power 6 campaign
  • JD was going to try to get a statement from Aresco (believe he’s giving one today)
  • Fertitta isn’t worried about CTH, says he’s happy in Houston and that UH will do whatever it takes to keep him.
  • Endzone facility and Indoor Practice Facility will help with enticing CTH to stay
  • CTH made a comment during the press conference earlier that he liked winning and liked being the big dog in a smaller conference rather than the small dog in a bigger conference. (Was late in the press conference)
  • School Board Prez (Jon Snow - seriously) weighed in “like being left at the alter”
  • Doesn’t think ACC will expand because they got their TV network
  • Doesn’t see anything happening with PAC 12
  • This was UH’s big all-in moment: where does UH go at this point? No real attractive Plan B option.
  • GOR for Big 12 doesn’t expire until 2025
  • Basically said that this was the day that the Big 12 killed itself
  • What’s the future for the Small 8? Better invest that money
  • Fertitta mentioned that to have the whole dog-pony show and not go through with the expansion is the most disappointing aspect. Believes that Houston would have been at the top of the list.
  • Don’t have to worry about any backroom deals regarding UT-Houston
  • What schools made compelling arguments for any candidate considering how fast the meeting went.
  • Thinks that TV got involved; money exchanged hands to get rid of the pro-rata clause.
  • Duke Catalon saw a neurourgeon, next step in protocol (not as bad as it sounds) should know more today
  • All other guys hurt during the game should play this week
  • Jerard Carter would be limited this week. Thurman and Vaughan need to step up.
  • Samples still nowhere close. Not cleared.
  • Stevenson can play immediately, depends on how quickly he gets up to speed
  • CTH called Lark and Corbin knuckleheads, hoped they had good practices to maybe get on the field more
  • Have to wait and see how the landscape of College Athletics plays out
  • Joked with CTH about a rivalry being built with SMU. Questioned CTH about Ben Hicks; CTH complimentary of Hicks and wished Hicks well. Braden West the RB also went to SMU after CTH was hired.
  • Thinks that the Big 12 will revisit expansion as the most likely scenario before any other P5 conference picks UH up

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