JD UH Beat writer for Chron

Something happened on personal level I believe. He sent out tweet last night w :broken_heart: :pray: emojis n haven’t see tweet since. Thought I give heads up for those who follow him for Coog info as I do.

I don’t speak emoji, what does that mean?

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Heartbreak and prayers. Hope not too serious.

Broken hearted, please pray for me

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Yes this one.

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So is someone sick in his family? Did he have a relationship breakup?

Is the point of emoji to facilitate questions?

Will archeologists 3,000 years from now need a emoji rosetta stone?


Not great either, but one below you is correct.

Not funny imo. I’m sure something happen in his family prob lost family member. Have a good guess but won’t put it out there in respect to Mr Duarte.

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Sorry just realized you one that put correct meaning out.


What did I say wrong? Prayer Hands plus a Broken Heart equal something serious to me.

Yes, you are right on target. Sorry to confuse you.

My other comment was to coog51 who was making fun of situation, when as you say it’s pretty obvious sonething serious happened. We all respond to things differently but I just shake my head at times. I’ll say no more. Never have/had issues w you Derrick.

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My apologies. I don’t understand going public with anything bad with emoji but that is just me. I certainly don’t wish ill will on anyone. Again my apologies.


Understood Sir! Just shows sometimes we can all write something or even read something a different way than it’s intention. Good to know the intent to make fun of an obvious serious situation was not there. He hasn’t tweeted anything since that tweet last night so… .

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Also I think it was his way of letting his followers especially Coog followers that something had happened and he would be away from Twitter.


Probably an unexpected death in the family. Prayers to Mr Duarte.


His dad was elderly, I hope he did not pass? Whatever the case , prayers for the issue at hand


Thanks for the explanation. Saw that tweet yesterday and it didn’t register.

This is troubling for sure. He has a youngster, does he not? Hoping whatever the issue is it works out for JD. He’s a good guy.