JD with a nice writeup on 10 years in AAC

After 10 years, 97 games and plenty of memorable moments, Saturday marks the University of Houston’s final game in the American Athletic Conference.

Before the Cougars begin play in the Big 12, here are my picks for the football program’s top 10 moments/players since moving into the AAC in 2013:

University of Houston in the AAC: 10 football moments to remember University of Houston football: 10 moments to remember in the AAC



I was able to read it by clicking on the link he posted. Strange, because that usually never happens, I always get blocked out.

Who says it’s our last AAC game? If we, Tulane, and USF all win, then we could still have yet one more conference game….a TITLE game no less.

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I’d have to go:

  1. Peach Bowl
  2. OU game
  3. Louisville at TDECU

Thanks Tom!


I can read the article. Is the eye twitch part of the article?

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I subscribe to the Chron on the internet for $3.96/mo./no expiration — a steal, IMO

Might call 'em & ask for it — tell 'em Steve O sent you :wink:



For me the OU game was the top game during that tenure. Bigger than the peach bowl because OU was still a powerful program at that time and had one of the best QB’s in the country.


I’d go

  1. Memphis 2015
  2. Louisville 2016
  3. OU 2016

I kinda liked the comeback over Pitt as well.


That is a perfect 10 from Duarte. Nicely compiled.

The problem is that is $3.97/ more than it’s worth


Peach Bowl win was for sure the biggest thing to me. The OU game as great, but didn’t we lose like 4 games that season?

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Peach Bowl tops, second for me was the comeback vs Pitt probably the most unbelievable game I’ve ever watched while frozen. The OU and Louisville wins were awesome.


Nothing from CDH’s tenure yet guys?

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#10 was the Memphis game this year and #8 was last season

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  1. Peach Bowl (2015)
  2. Pittsburgh (2014)
  3. Louisville (2016)
  4. OU (2016)
  5. Memphis (2022)
  6. SMU (2021)
  7. Auburn (2021)
  8. Memphis (2015)

Wow, made me re-live some of those moments as I was reading.

Hoping we finish off 2022 strongly & get a Bowl Win, with more great moments to come in 2023.

Thanks for sharing.

2016 was such a rollercoaster! Highest of highs and lowest of lows.

My Top 5

  1. Peach Bowl win vs Florida State

  2. UH win vs Oklahoma in 2016 to open the greatest opening weekend in college football history.

  3. UH shutting down Lamar Jackson

  4. 2015 vs Memphis

  5. Comeback bowl win vs Pitt to end the 2014 season.


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