Jeremy Singleton in (now out of) the transfer portal

Blockquote I don’t care who transfers… Dana needs to compete for the AAC title… This year.

Yep, if we can’t get it done this year, well I am worried about the next few years.


Again if you’re saying you don’t see improvement on the OL … you might not not be loyal, but you’re still blind. As for WRs don’t mistake productivity with effectiveness. The WRs who’ve left have way under performed. As for carrier he is a great recruiter and coach… thats why hes off limits. I seem to remember some hate on this board for taking tank dell, and now he’s being talked about like the best wr in our building. So I repeat… what a dumb post


Joe, I see our OL as getting better. Some of it is due to transfers and some to kids maturing. As for the WR’s, I haven’t a clue as to what is going on. I suspect that CDH has made it clear to the group that it was time to shape up or ship out and a couple are taking the latter route. Maybe it’s because they see who all are coming in and feel their individual roles are diminishing. Regardless, our WR group has been disappointing the last couple of years and the only bright spots to me were Speedy and Dell.

About questioning coaches, they are fair game. However, come at them with reasonable complaints, not just personal dislike. For me, I have given CDH the benefit of every doubt due to the shape of the team when he took over, plus the time I know it takes for a rebuild – not reload, rebuild. I fully expect a noticeable improvement this year and will be very disappointed if we don’t win at least 8 or 9. I expect a 10+ win season and will predict my undefeated season, as usual.


Funny spring training just finished and this staff has said LOUD and CLEAR our Wr’s are not where we want and our OL is in major need of upgrade in depth especially. IF you open your eyes you will see we are ATIVELY looking in the portal for OL’s and WR’s.

On Sellers board it was stated yesterday that Dana is looking to be 60 - 40% in getting our recruits from the portal going forward. Make what assumptions you want from that.

I have a good friend that played for DH when he was here as OC. He said he is an butthole. He is overly aggressive and literally ignores bad players. Now my friend says that behavior is okay. I agree it has its place. But he rarely builds back up. He just dusts them when he is done with them.

He says some kids absolutely react to this and get better. He also said he saw some kids stop trying and left their talent in the locker room. There has to be a balance because we don’t have the depth to just replace.

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It was tough to watch how many passes were dropped last year. If more were caught, clearly we would have won some more and the Tune hate would be a little less.


So RED you saw our last few games last year and say that is an improved OL?/ SInce then we haven’t seen what they can do against other teams … BUT reports from Spring is our DL dominated our OL. > I didn’t see but tweets I have read indicate that. IF we are better this year it is likely because of the transfer center and OG . And we are trying like HECK to get mt least two transfer OL’s. Any wonder why dana indicates we are looking at 60% of our recruiting class going forward to be transfers?

Look I’m just asking questions. And EVERY assistant should be evaluated. As well as our HC. We MUST see improvement from what we have seen these last now four years of Applewhite and Holgy.

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Yes seems EVERYONE wants to blame Dana and Tune. Nobody else is at fault or should be questioned.

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I agree that Dana’s personality leaves much to be desired. I have friends who are long time football supporters and Dana will act like they are nothing. Just walk by them even when addressed with a Hi Coach. Won’t even acknowledge he was spoken to. I’ve heard he can be the same with players . One can only wonder how he is with parents in recruiting.


Makes no sense, Singleton was going to be targeted a lot by Tune and would have piled up tons of yardage this season against a relatively weak OOC schedule.

He models himself after that Saban style of personality. But results are a little different.


I saw injuries take their toll last year as the season progressed. I see some of these kids returning healthy, stronger, and better. It is wrong to think a kid isn’t any good just because he had to be thrown into the fray when he was not yet mature or experienced enough yet, but injuries necessitated them playing anyway.

We have a couple of redshirt freshmen and sophs that will be getting better and have gotten better. I don’t usually expect to get very good play from offensive lineman until their junior or redshirt sophomore season. Look at Patrick Paul, he is still learning how to play, yet he is going to start because he is that good. But just think of how good he will be when he is a junior in 2023.

I see a couple of transfers that will have a very positive impact in Russey and Jenkins. I see us signing 3 HS kids that will be developed and ready to contribute in a couple of years.

The OL is the toughest group to build into a solid unit. It takes time and repetition to get the players to mesh. It also takes time for the physical maturity necessary to have a solid OL with depth.

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LIke I said, one on ones are and have been happening. This tells me the coaches are honest and transparent with the players.


To provide a contrasting take, both times I’ve spoken with Dana, they’ve been pleasant. First time I met him was when he was HC at WVU, he was in Houston for a wedding and had no problem spending five or so minutes talking about his time at UH as an OC and how he missed the city. Second time, was before the Memphis basketball game. Gave him a quick “Hey coach, looking forward to next season.” He responded with a “We’ll be ready.” Tend to think a lot of it is situational when you run into him, but I will say he comes off as having a brash personality in media.


I won’t criticize any single player but I have been very underwhelmed by the heart and play of our WRs in general. I saw alligator arms and when you compare that to Pat Edwards who was fearless, I just am not impressed with our WRs.


Honesty is something some young athletes have a hard time accepting. When you’ve been told since Pop Warner you’re the GOAT and when the reality of real world competition greets you it can be very hard for some to handle. NO ONE cares what you did in HS / Travel Ball or how many All State / District teams you made. It means ZILCH to College Coaches once you’re past the recruiting process, it can be a tough pill to swallow


As Indiana Jones said in Temple of Doom, “we… are going… to die!” :crazy_face: :unamused: :sob: :rofl:

I was listening to Texans GM yesterday discuss how hard it is for rookies to realize that they have to earn the right to be in the building every day with such a limited NFL roster. Same goes for college. Singleton will be missed, but he also missed a lot of time the last couple of years. You only get better if you are practicing and playing games. Both Carrier and CDH said they were looking for a couple of receivers due to guys not stepping up. Many have mentioned the dropped balls. We know from Dana’s first tour here that he is a stickler for how WR’s catch the ball. It will totally stall an offense. We want him to fix the offense and not get pedestrian results and that is what he is doing.


Damn was just looking at the depth chart yesterday to get a feel for who we still had. Big loss.

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What gets me is how this board gets all excited when there’s talk of transfers possibly coming to our school but then all heck breaks loose when word comes that some of our players plan to leave via the very same portal. I totally understand the concern about the WR position, but the transfer portal giveth and it taketh away. It’s never going to be an all gain, no pain system for we fans no matter how much we wish it were.


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