Jerome Solomon’s column this morning

In case you missed it he is talking about playing college football this fall. A quote from the article:

“It is easy to crack wise and ask why Khator did not include UH football in the “low touch low risk” category. I mean did you see Dana Holgorsen’s defense last season? The Cougars began flattening the curve with social distancing way back in September.”

Ok you have to admit that was funny. Man I miss Cougar sports and sports in general.


That’s friggin’ funny,

It is, after all…The Comical…


there’s no such thing as bad publicity ” As long as people are talking about you, it’s a good thing! But I sure hope CDH can lead us to 7-8 wins this season. There was already a lack of buzz around the program, pre-COVID 19. It will be interesting to see what sort of interest there is for UH football in the fall.


He’s not wrong

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Well, I for one, can hardly wait; and no stupid bug is going to keep me out of the stadium! Oh and I “ain’t gonna” be wearing no mask either; I look enough like a bandito without one.


Pat, you’re too ornery to get sick; that’s your secret to being so active at 93. :wink:

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Funny, as all humor is based in some truth.

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Mike, you just might be right about that. At one time, several years ago, I went through a period when I had very high blood pressure, which scared me a lot because my Dad died with it at a very young age. But, eventually the doctor got it under control, and I have been plugging along ever since.

I think, when fate took a shot at me and missed, it just decided it was no longer worth the trouble!


LOL Pat, whatever you die of, it won’t be at a young age. Hell, you even survived being run over by a UH golf cart.

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Wow Jerome “Captain Obvious” Solomon you funny funny clever guy … are you now writing for Dane Cook?

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