Jerry West passes away

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The LOGO!!!


This generation has no idea,how good Jerry West was.


Video doesn’t do justice to his entire career. He could play and star in any generation.

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Good ol West Virginia boy.

Couldn’t agree more. Any generation. Great General Manager too.

Loved watching him go up against Frazier and the Knicks in '70 and '72 (against the Celtics in the late 60s as well). West was a baller!!

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Smooth as silk.

His 1972 Lakers team was one of the greatest NBA teams of all time :basketball:

I was surprised by how he came off in Winning Time on HBO. Figured it was done for story but everything I’ve seen says it was pretty spot on. He was his own harshest critic

High praise from Dr. J


R.I.P remember watching Jerry as a kid last minute wins hitting the basket before the buzzer, one of the GREATEST IMHO. Besides my nick name is his. Reason kind of like him😊