Jim Nantz on the new Big 12 membership



"…All the way back to when Gov Ann Richards decided at the last minute to take us out of the mix for the (then) new Big 12”



You can’t blame her enough. Accurate or not you always root for the alien to get blown up.

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Actually, you can’t blame much as BB. It came out later she had less to do with it. It was mostly BB.

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Yeah, there have been books written on that.

I DO blame Richards, however, for not speaking up and trying to stick up for UH at that time. After all, she was the only politician in the state that outranked Bullock and she did NOTHING to either oppose Bullock or help us.

I’m sure she was happy to let Bullock take his private church school alma mater (and HERS) into the Big 12 over UH.

She was derelict in her duty to help our STATE universities in that regard.


Of course you will blame her even though she had little to nothing to do with it when the hate is much deeper politically. I get it.

Politicians should stay out of sports in my opinion, but everyone has opinions just like assholes.

Lightening fast response - work today?


You seem to have a sensitivity to criticism of the Hag. How bout this: I hate Ann Richards for being a coke snorting cretin. Nothing to do with politics or sports.

I never let sports and politics mix.


Ha! Nice. You can even call her a fat f-ing witch that you wouldn’t pee on if she caught fire and it won’t hurt.

I’m only sensitive to the propagation of untruths without credible, irrefutable information and information on this entire ordeal is muddied at best now. And new information suggests she did very little.

Feel free to hate her until the cows (you will say her…) come home. Won’t hurt a bit.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but want to clear up one misconception. Many (most?) don’t know that Texas’ governor has much less power than the speaker, LT governor, or comptroller. Few appointive powers. Primarily limited to the veto and bully pulpit.


It just bewilders me that with the billions of injustices in the world you bleat an emotional defense of a surreptitious Baylor politician.

Its like spending your energy claiming Al Capone was set up on tax evasion.

[Note: in no way am I trying to sully the reputation of Mr. Capone by comparing him to a Baylor alum. This was for comparative use only.]


I think it’s obvious that she did nothing.

You are not disputing that are you?

That’s hardly unsubstantiated.

It’s simply a FACT.

She did NOTHING to stop or even oppose Bullock.

Didn’t even so much as speak out publicly on our behalf or advocate for us.

It’s not like in 2015-2016 when Governor Abbott PUBLICLY declared that any Big 12 expansion that didn’t include UH was “a non-starter.”

That’s what Richards SHOULD have been doing back in 1994-1996, but was DERELICT in her duty by FAILING to do.

I think that MOST people can see the difference there, and can see the problem with Richards.

And if you can’t, then to be quite frank, you’re simply not being objective.

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Hey, man. Nothing wrong with snorting a little coke.


This is not a good conversation for today.

Lay all animosity down for at least a day.

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It is not a fact she did nothing. You can not prove the absence or presence of her acts. Period.

What history proves (not you) is the ineffectiveness of her acts. Or anyone else’s to help UH, Rice, TCU and SMU.

So, allow me to correct your FACTS. The simple FACT is IF she did something to help, it was not effective. BUT you can NOT PROVE she did something or nothing.

I’m happy to hear I’ve taken this much energy out you for something you’re criticizing me for even discussing. Especially given your vocation in hearing yourself speak on this board.

Everyone needs a vocation. I went to the Ann Richards Academy of Public Administration. I don’t have much academic prowess.

I’d read your response but I’m going back and re-reading my own. That ### is brilliant.


Do a search on Google and see if she ever publicly advocated for UH to the Big 12, which is what most of us would EXPECT her to do.

Good luck.

Your search will come up with NOTHING.

And you want to know why?

It’s because she made no such public advocacy for UH. She should have, but she didn’t.

Contrast that with Abbott, who advocated publicly for UH above all other candidates.

That’s what Richards SHOULD have done, but did not.

And that’s a VERY sound basis for both a) contrasting the two, AND b) criticizing Richards.

I think that most of us consider it to be an elected official’s duty to advocate for our public universities and their interests over CHURCH schools. That’s their DUTY, and she was derelict in that regard.

I’m guessing that most people her can see that, and see the difference.

I’m sorry if you can’t. If you can’t, then I’m guessing that you are one of the few people here that can’t, and that’s most likely because you’re not being very objective.


I get why you are making the comparison, but Abbott saying something doesn’t mean he tried to actually do anything. That felt like a nothing statement when he made it and he clearly wasn’t active in anything the Big 12 was doing for their expansion search. Tilman gave him a big chunk of money so that was probably the reason he did that. I have no problem with the Ann Richards hate though, carry on with that guys.


Still, that’s what I expect a Governor to do: BE OUR ADVOCATE!!!

Abbott was.

Richards wasn’t.

She was perfectly content to sit back and say NOTHING while the Big 12 took her CHURCH school alma mater over UH.

And if anyone here doesn’t see something wrong with that, then that person probably isn’t being very objective.