Jimbo fired

Got my undergrad degree at A&M.

The whole thing was a monumental f up.

What do you mean when you say oversight?

Just curious if anyone has the authority to limit the Ath Dept spending. Public university and all. Boosters are only paying initial payment.

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$76 million actually on top of $50 million he made the first 5 years or $126 million to coach 5 years, now that is an aggie joke. The aggies sure know how to pick em.

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Well the aggie AD is “self sustaining” and profitable which is rare in college sports. There is no reason to limit them.

this is the exact mentality all my Aggie friends have.

they will never understand why people make fun of them.

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Duke’s Mike Elko makes the most sense: The former Texas A&M defensive coordinator could return to College Station, this time as the head coach.

You mean Traylor isn’t TAMU’s perfect candidate? He’ll be crushed.

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Can we get this guy to question UH Admin and Dana?


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He gone!

5 :star: Evan Stewart expected to hit the portal and leave A&M. UH is not a team under consideration.


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Excellent article in The Athletic, co-written by Sam Khan, on what when wrong for Jimbo Fisher at A&M. Some of Fisher’s issues that got him fired sound very similar to CDH. This is subscription-based but some highlights:

  • Fisher was stubborn and unable or unwilling to adapt the offense to today’s game.
  • Jimbo was most comfortable in the schematics of coaching, but the article points out that Fisher failed to adapt A&M to its growing organization’s needs, The article states “Coaches are responsible for an organization that includes 120 players, 10 on-field assistant coaches and dozens of staff members across operations, recruiting and personnel, scouting, administration, player development and academics.” As evidence, the article details Fisher’s failure to replace his Director of Player Personnel, who was in charge of recruiting and assisted with roster management. All SEC teams and all P5 teams in Texas have a Director of Player Personnel. (Note: UH has a Director of Player Personnel.)
  • Fisher hired Bobby Petrino as OC, some say to quiet his critics, and Petrino called plays, but only from Fisher’s offensive scheme.
  • Fisher did not empower his staff to make decisions. Fisher had to make decisions.
  • Fisher’s buyout made him feel secure he would not get fired.
  • While Fisher was a good closer, he had an indifference to the recruiting process.
  • Fisher felt recruiting would take care of itself. “If you win games, you will land good recruits."
  • Fisher chased recruiting stars without properly vetting players.
  • A&M’s Athletic Director commented on the qualities he is looking for in his next coach, which seem to address some of Fisher’s shortcomings: “supreme organizational skills,” a “culture of discipline” and someone who “can capitalize on modern day college athletics”. I think this is a good summary of the head coach skills needed in today’s college football.

My overall takeaway from the article is just how important non-coaching skills are to the success of a head coach and to a football program.

Age is not the issue.
Saban is 72 years old.
Saban has had multiple Assistant Coaches.
Saban has had multiple co-Assistant Coaches
…Saban besides winning is a master at delegating. This has been his recipe for success since day one. He is a master at delegating with one goal in mind. He delegates in order to better the team. That makes everybody accountable. Something does not work? Saban ends that delegate and makes a change. Every successful CEO does the same thing. Belichick for the first time in a long time finds himself at a cross road. It is truly amazing that Saban is still high at this level.
DH delegates but clearly has not established a foundation built for success.
Our recruiting and portal recruiting has been atrocious.
Our defense has been ran over and over for two consecutive seasons.
Our offense has been “found out” for two consecutive seasons.
Dawson last year.
Belk this year.
Every area to measure our program tell us we are trending down.
Fritz is 100% on my radar screen if we make a change. Stoops is too. We have to at least try and get him. He announced his retirement from college football than two years later went back coaching in the XFL. He went ahead and won it. He goes back to okie on an interim basis and wins his bowl game 47-32. Something tells me he is the perfect guy for us. At the very least he will turn over some “orange” recruits to us and that will please okie. Lastly consider this. Bob Stoops is 63. He is not 72. He is 63.

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I think I read Stoops has no interest in going back to college with NIL in place now.

Let us know where you read it. He comes back and win with U of H that will “cement” his as one of the all time great HC’s. If you do not ask you do not get.

I sort of disagree that he’s similar to Dana. Dana is a good Xs & Os coach that had cutting edge offenses in the early 2010s sort of similar to Chip Kelly but the issue is he doesn’t recruit well & delegates playcalling to lesser coaches now. Dana also doesn’t take recruiting seriously at all it was an issue at WVU as well. Jimbos problem is more of the fact he refused to be a CEO type of coach & wanted control of the offense. Jimbo is also a maniacal recruiter

You’re also assuming Stoops would even want anything to do with us. As other’s have pointed out there are other schools far ahead of us that Stoops would want.


But here it is Stoops directly says he has no interest in returning to college ever again.

Thank you for posting. I would still knock on his door. U of H is unique by its recruiting location. You never know until we see him face to face.

Ya but if he said no to bigger schools, there is little chance we could change his mind.

When there is a will there is a way.
Imagine it. What a sports story if he would come our way. Speak about National exposure. Instantly recruiting will take care of itself. He knows how to delegate. He has been a master at it.