JJ Dallas Leaving

Per Duarte JJ Dallas is leaving the program. JJ Leaving
Obviously it could be anything, but my innate coog red glasses says he couldn’t handle the hardest training camp in the Universe.

My thought is that he’s a JuCo and wasn’t starting, so he’s leaving for somewhere he can play.

I’m not going to speculate on why he left because I haven’t a clue. I just hope his “personal reasons” for leaving don’t involve dire problems at home or with family.

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Assures Wilder will see the field this fall.

Based on what CTH has been saying about Wilder, sounds like he was going to see the field anyway.


The reason I suspect it isn’t something dire is that Herman said he didn’t know what Dallas wanted, but that he didn’t want to be here. If it was a problem at home I think Herman would know that.

The flip side of that being that Herman also may feel that it isn’t his place to speak about someone else’s family issues, so he just said “I don’t know what he wants”.

Different positions. Dallas was backing up Howard Wilson at CB

Based off what I’ve seen from him in the past, JJ wants to be a starter and expected to be when he came to UH. Guessing he wasn’t happy being a backup.

Nobody cares. Work harder.


He was going to be a back up.

  • Don’t know if anyone posted it here either, but Hasaun Glasgow ended up at Prairie View A&M.

Wow! That’s quite the change for Glasgow from nationally ranked school to non-scholarship.

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