Jordan Brand

I’m gonna need to keep an eye out for that polo. I need it.

B’ah! We had better gear when we were with Adidas! Better uniforms too!


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It is quite amazing that in this day and age a department does not know how to sell their hottest merch.

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I believe those polo’s were “slim” cut, which eliminates most of us seasoned Coogs . . . . .

I personally would like some in white with red logos so I could wear them while playing golf and doing many other things. It is HOT in Houston most of the year, and red and black seem to me to be hot when outside and in the sun.


Seems pretty much official now.

Just announced for next season….

Still to this date, UH has never received a Retro PE (Player Edition) from Jumpman :frowning:

Howard, OU, Florida and Georgetown, most of those teams didn’t even make March Madness the past few years!

Come on Jumpman


They have big fan following

Player editions don’t get released to public tho, just solely for players and coaches

So even if Florida and OU have bigger fan bases, doesn’t matter as sales is not involved

Retro PEs help even more for recruiting as retros are more valued compared to Luka or Zion PEs


Is that the licensed Jumpman HS yearbook photo?

Our Jordan brand apparel is limited when I compared our stuff online on Fanatics to the other schools like OU, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, UCLA etc.

I wish we could get an answer as to why we don’t get promoted as much

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I wonder if it’s because those are basketball and football Jordan brand schools? I think I remember Lauren Sampson also saying that UH is only Jordan brand contingent upon Kelvin being the coach here.

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When did she say that? Or when was that reported?

Around the 4:20 mark.


That’s crazy. Now it all makes sense.

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You called it!

You would think we would start getting more gear considering we sellout FC annually… I’d def buy some jerseys…


After seeing that goofball on the River Oaks Chrysler/Jeep commercial trying to flex with some Jordan 1s, I made a decision to stop rocking Js and get back to wearing more age appropriate shoes.


There’s no such thing as age apppropriate when it comes to style…

Don’t let some squares change your style… Let it drip!