Joseph Duarte Periscope today


  • Polls are out; Houston 6th/7th
  • Expectations for Lamar: Good RB who had 200 yards against Coastal Carolina. Houston won’t take lightly, but game shouldn’t be close. Good chance to get guys in to get game action.
  • Didn’t watch UT game, was sleeping
  • Amazed that UT went from unranked to 11 and that they’re being annointed as “back”
  • Believes that if voters don’t take it seriously, they shouldn’t have a vote (in regards to 2 voters not voting for them in preseason)
  • Ward should be at practice tomorrow and he should play (in afternoon before reports came out that he may not play). Probably see Postma in second half.
  • Houston among the top 3 candidates; presentations are this week. Houston has a good chance based on performance this week. Don’t put Houston in, look bad. TV Rating in Houston may be the best ever for an opening weekend as well as the good rating in DFW. Houston brings a lot to Big 12
  • Haven’t heard anything on Pac 12.
  • Catalon was ready to go on Saturday and got a lot of handoffs early. He joked about the amount of carries he had and that he was rusty. No one in the area code when he caught the TD. Important piece to the Coogs. Herman keeps hoping someone steps up as a backup; right now its Justice, but is probably still a committee.
  • Talks about the big hits that Davis and Adams had. At practice yesterday, heard that it was called “Bloody Tuesday.” Adams said they start hitting and just keep hitting starting with the circle drill. Defensive players said before the season that they would set the tone with their physicalness.
  • Dunbar was more concerned with the balls that he dropped and didn’t grab. Good day of work anyway. Story coming about Dunbar and Bonner; don’t have speedsters, but big guys that can go up and make catches. Bonner said they practice plays where they are on the sideline making catches.
  • High Round talent on the team: Ed Oliver down the road; had great debut. Taylor possibly. Where does Wilson fit; pure athlete, 4.38 guy.
  • Kickoff returns need to get cleaned up. First 2 drives started around the 10.
  • Coverage breakdowns are a point of emphasis
  • Red zone efficiency a point of emphasis
  • QBs of the future: Postma, Kyle Allen, King, Sells should all get a look
  • Schedule: you have to hope some teams in the American have good years and then the Louisville game should help make a lasting impression. Last year they were unranked and had to climb up. This year they were ranked.
  • Kyle Allen is running scout team QB; simulated Mayfield this past week. Nice to have someone like that to prepare against. Been great to deal with since he arrived; came here because of what Herman did for QBs.
  • Doesn’t believe King will throw a pass this year. Maybe in a trick play, but probably not as a QB. Can’t redshirt unless something medical. Coaches want to use him this year.
  • Herman is happy even though name is being thrown around. Getting everything he asked for: extension, football facility, $5M bonus if he gets into the P5. A few jobs he has to look at, but no indication that he wont be the coach for the foreseeable future.
  • Samples still out with a concussion; bringing along slowly.
  • Duarte will never comment on rumors about coaching possibilities
  • ESPN Heisman balloting had Ward tied for 3rd.
  • Lamar attendance is not a sellout yet; pushing 28K-29K right off the bat. Doesn’t see Lamar travelling well. 33K-34K guess (before 5K left was reported tonight).
  • If you’re going to follow a team, come out whether its hot or cold.
  • OLine has some issues that need to be worked on.
  • Davis’s hit was the best one
  • No word on Dickson
  • Injury wise, just Ward and Catalon suffered injuries. Both minor.
  • Should Houston be worried about Louisville? 9 more games to go before they play them, probably no point to worry yet. Start looking ahead and you have a let down game. Joseph isn’t worried about the game, he’s worried about getting his story in at 6 pm.
  • Breaks down the schedule a bit.
  • Cincinnati a trap game? Says it might be, but Houston should be focused.
  • Best conference foe (picks USF if they make the AAC championship): Cincy or Navy on the road.
  • Talks about Navy QB being out which means that Cincy may be the best conference opponent right off the bat. Only preparing for Lamar though. Coaches are looking at tape though.
  • 60-40 fan split for OU game (guess)
  • Believes King can be used many ways - trick plays. Coaches like King, future is at QB though. Mini-Greg Ward
  • Freshman that played: Ed Oliver won the starter job. King. Wilder played a little bit. Javian Smith and Braylon Jones came in for a play or two to spell guys who lost a shoe/helmet.
  • Had relationship with 610 in the past with the Astros, don’t know many of them anymore. Some of them used to be friends, but he doesn’t want to get into that.
  • Bob Bowlsby hoped by the mid-October meeting that the Big 12 can make process. Maybe November we hear something
  • Leslie was suspended for 2 games for unspecified rules violation. Will be back for Cincy. McCloskey is the starter, Brooker is backup right now. Leslie was probably 3rd.
  • McCloskey finally got in the endzone after having a few called back last year. Great for him as he’s all over the place and a hard worker.
  • Penalties Herman was fine with. Was upset about Davis’s celebration after Wilson’s return.
  • Talks about TOS and bringing in the new head for a recruiting session, Brian McTaggart may come on, and hopefully have a coach or two especially Kelvin Sampson closer to basketball season. If you want to have a guest, let Duarte know.
  • Alabama has a new QB and RB and just ran away with it over the Heltons.
  • Not an AP voter; asked to do it, but Chronicle policy didn’t allow it
  • 12.8 rating for OU game in Houston.
  • What was Jerry Jones talking about with he mosquito/circumcision comment, no idea.
  • Would of put Houston at #5 or #4
  • Why didn’t the pollsters just put UT in the CFB. Bosses were stunned that UT was that high and sees UT with 3 or 4 losses on season. Hard to figure out the pollsters. Shoutout to Todd Stone (his boss)
  • For whatever reason no RB has been able to put a couple days together and grab the job
  • Crookshank no longer with the program
  • Catalon will give 20-30 carries a game, but he needs a breather from time to time. Don’t have that right now. Big concern.
  • BJ Singleton is running 2nd team behind Jerard Carter - big surprise.
  • Doesn’t have a snap count - doesn’t know about Austin Robinson and hasn’t heard a lot about Lark throughout camp. Will check on it.
  • Presentation to the Big 12 this week. Did get the letter Renu Khator sent to the Big 12 wanting to be considered. Already in cutting down schools stage of the process. Mentions just starting the presentation by popping the DVD (corrected Blu-Ray) of the OU game and see what happens (joke). Don’t know the date of the presentation - wasn’t today.
  • Commitments don’t usually occur during the season; recruiting still going on.
  • Shooting for Monday afternoons to do this again.

Thanks for the recap. I saw it going on, but was working.

That’s a lot of great tidbits, thanks!

Thank you very much Patrick. I am keeping an eye on the PAC12 angle.

I wondered how much CTH was going to light into Davis for that penalty after Wilson’s return. He should have known better.

I’d like to see King play some QB this Saturday, especially if Ward doesn’t play or only plays the first half. I say let Ward play the 1st half, Postma play Q3 and half of Q4. If we’re up by at least 30, put King in.

I went to pearland high school, and we had to play Manvel every year when King was there, and that guy lit us up, he is easily the next ward, and I would say arguably starting out a little better than ward did, so I agree, I would love to see him play.

I lived in Pearland until last year and went to watch him play a few times against Pearland and Dawson. What I saw from him was absolutely incredible. He threw for over 11,000 yards in his high school career. High School! I was ecstatic when he flipped from TCU to UH. I think most people (especially those outside UH) think Kyle Allen has the starting job next year. I don’t think it’s going to be nearly that simple.

Kyle Allen needs to prove he has improved and erased any bad habits he pick up at A&M. Should be a fun Qb competition next year. Don’t count out Bryson Smith. Kid is a stud, also.

Losing Ward will be a bummer, but Postma, KAllen, DKing (plus BSells and Bryson Smith) is as promising of a QB group as we’ve ever had.

UH also will lose Ty Cummings after this season as he is a senior.

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I could have sworn Kyle Allen had to sit out a year?

He does. That’s this year.

Oh, OK. The tone of the board seemed to imply he was expected to play this week (and the summary of Duarte’s Periscope explicitly says as much)

Ah, I see where it says that. I think he just got lumped in because Duarte was talking about QBs of the future. Kyle Allen is running the Scout Team. It’s awesome that our defense gets to prepare against a former 5* QB.


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