Joseph Manjack Feels Houston Works Even Harder Than National Power USC —


Maybe pre-Lincoln USC. We just need Manjack to stay disciplined and do his job.

Didn’t Clay Helton recruit him to USC?

Hopefully they learned their lesson from last year about working hard and being hungry. To quote Nelson Ceasar:
“I feel like coming off that 12-2 season, I feel like we got complacent. We thought we were more than we actually is. And we stopped working the way that we did when we were hungry.”


This young man is an absolute pleasure to be around. We went to see Logan last night at the team hotel. Manjack came down to the lobby and all his teammates were soon wearing smiles too big to hide. He brings a fun relaxed positive energy that you can feel his teammates feed off of. I wish him the best for a great season this year!


The biggest highlight Manjack has had at UH was that fight, right a year ago when UH was playing bad. I’ll just stay quiet and let my play do all the talking on the field. UH ain’t playing USC this week. Focus on a really good team like UTSA or the game can turn like the Kansas game last year. :kissing::shushing_face:

We have to work harder, we’re a major underdog! Teams like USC got a lot of stuff handed to them that we don’t ever get, but have to earn it!

Last year with Sammy Brown. And, based on the way the tram speaks about him, it sounds like it’s because Manjack is captain material and doesnt put up with any crap.


What a name! That fires me up!

Here’s hoping we work smarter too.

We need him to make a couple of catches today like he made last year against UTSA.

I think the one handed catch in the back of the endzone against UTSA was his best highlight. :thinking: :wink:


I hope manjack shows his captain material on the field this year and not on the sideline fighting his teammates, embarrassing himself and the university on national tv and the internet.

Maybe it’s Sammy Brown you should be talking about. Manjack had words with him on the sideline when he pulled off a totally bonehead penalty near the sideline. Since Belk didn’t bother to come over to chew him out Brown had words with Manjack and the two started fighting…quit putting the blame on one person, especially the guy who had the guts to call out someone for playing dumbball…

Not blaming anyone @bigmccoog. When captain manjack shows his leadership on the field instead of the sideline we won’t have anything else to talk about.

Let the coaches coach.

You play football son. That’s what you get paid to do.

That’s right, make Belk coach and earn his money. Go Coogs

Every team needs leaders on the field

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