Josh Carlton

Can’t wait to see this guy in action with our Coogs…We have not seen anyone his size since Cadillac. He’s going to make White look like Altuve!


Him and White in the paint is a formidable duo!

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When I saw just his name as the title of the thread I thought, oh no did he get injured?

Glad it’s just about his play…. I agree, between Carlton, White and Chaney that is a nice combo of size and skill…. Roberts looked good at times last year as well…

Most talent on one team in quite awhile…. Until next year, and the year after, etc.


Add in our guards and we will win the rebound battle every game…Roberts is going to surprise a lot of folks this year

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We’re gonna need him. Mumphish just signed a big bodied baller named Duren(?) high ranking kid with size along with Ermoni Bates. Penny’s moving company has been busy.


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