JT Daniels

I would appreciate some clarification on the current NCAA transfer rules from my esteemed colleagues on Coogfans. JT Daniels, a former high school Player of the Year as a QB, signed with USC and played in 11 games as a freshman in 2018. In 2019 he was injured and did not play. He transferred to Georgia in 2020 and I believe he was their starter in 2021 until he sustained another injury and lost the starting job. He then transferred to West Virginia in 2022 and played in 10 games for the Mountaineers. He has now transferred to Rice for the 2023 season and is expected to be their starting QB. I was under the impression that a player could only transfer once “for free” and any additional transfers incurred a penalty of sitting out a year. Would appreciate someone enlightening me as to the nuances regarding the transfer rules. Much thanks from this old 1973 UH graduate.

2018- true freshman year
2019- redshirt
2020- did not count for anybody due to covid, was supposed to sit out but was granted an eligibility waiver.
2021- played as a redshirt sophomore

Graduated from Georgia after 2021 season

2022- redshirt junior

If you graduate, you can transfer without sitting out and if you haven’t graduated and you’re granted a waiver, you can skip sitting out a year. So Daniels hasnt used his “free” transfer until now.


Thanks for the reply, GrayTheCoog! So it appears that once a player has graduated, he is eligible to transfer multiple times without being required to sit out a year, right? Wishing Mr. Daniels much success with the Owls.

JT will be at Rice long enough for his coffee to get cold.

Look out for Rice. They’re having their best recruiting class in the recruiting rankings era, plus JT Daniels.

Rice rant:

Why do we continue to schedule home and home with rice? We don’t have to and miss the gate income + our fans get gouged when we play there. We don’t owe them anything.

I’d much rather play Texas state, utsa, or north Texas at home. At least they bring some fans

End rant


Don’t know why he’d sign on with Rice if that isn’t where he wanted to be. Not sure I get why he wants to be there, but I’m sure he could have landed somewhere higher if he’d wanted to.

I’d rather play those schools at home, too, but gouging or not Rice is a more convenient away game than those schools would be.

Despite that I’d personally I’d prefer to see Rice on a rotation rather than as an annual event, though.

The series with Rice is as stale as month old bread. It’s not really a rivalry. The university’s try and hype up the Bayou Bucket, but be honest, does anyone really care?

The series continues out of convenience and what amounts to a scrimmage for UH, notwithstanding this past season.

I consider the Sliver Glove Series in baseball more of a rilvary than the Bayou Bucket which UH leads 33-11