JT's Bryson Smith likes what Dana Holgorsen brings for Houston

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With former West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen taking over the Cougars program, Smith is pretty fired up about what Houston could be capable of.

“He got a heck of a stat sheet man. He a heck of a coach. I mean, he legendary, I mean look what he did in the Big 12. I’m pretty sure he can do the same thing in this league. We just ready to take it over. Enjoying the process right now because everything is new to us. We got new coaches, new everything right now. So we just getting in tune with each other and the chemistry will come,” said Smith.


Another current player:



Thanks for posting Patrick. This is the kind of stuff fans love to see and here. It really doesn’t matter what we think about the coaching staff, it’s about the players and what they feel is the direction of the program. I’ve played on many teams and just knew that we weren’t any good because of the coaching staff, not the players.

It looks like there are some good vibes developing, which is exactly what you need right after coaching turnover and ending the season with a horrible ball loss. We’re going to be alright next year.


Its nice to see the players excited to get to work and get the stink off of them after the way this season ended for them.


Absolutely! I know some will be bummed, others excited. It’s up to them to decide to stay and make it work. I look forward to next season and seeing the beginning of a new era. #GOCOOGS!