Juco TE Offer

Logan Compton #1 Juco TE in US, NJCAA All-American. If we get this guy it should alleviate those concerns anyone has about the TE spot. Has 3 years to play 3 seasons.


Decommited from Marshall today.

Looking good here for Compton.


He’s from Tomball too.


He would be a good one. Learn by Trahan n be main TE for following 2 yrs.

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Local kid. Measurements are outstanding. 6’-4". 245 lbs.

Dudes literally built for the tight end position. Would be a huge BOOM if we get him.

Also, does anybody have footage of him?

Corby Meekins-- TE Coach “liked” the Tweet & is following Logan. Says he will sign w/ someone on Feb 2.


Now THAT’S the type of JUCO player I like to hear about!

Based on his Twitter photo, he looks like a SPECIMEN!!!

I hope we get him!

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It will be interesting to see if Joseph Manjack’s commitment to UH, also from Tomball, will impact Logan Compton’s decision. I assume they knew each other.

Great kid and family, so glad to hear that we’ve offered. Lo had originally gone to Baylor. Lo and son played baseball together for few years, iirc won 12U state. Come home Big Dawg !!!

They may still indeed know each other but to clarify Manjack went to Tomball Memorial and Compton went to Tomball High… actually rival schools.

Okay in all the years I have seen for recruitment, holy smokes. So many tweets from current players AND INCOMING ONES talking up UH and telling new guys to come in.

What a team, what a culture.


Love your enthusiasm….wish there were more like you on campus !

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In small to average districts even with 2-3 high schools like Galena Park and Goose Creek many of the kids play club ball, baseball/softball leagues, share Scouts and church with students from both high schools. As a high schooler kids from North Shore and Galena Park often ran together or had family at the other campus. Same in Goose Creek when I was an administrator.

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