June 9th

Which was your favorite? The 2017 title was exciting with Cam’s amazing last leg. 2018 was pure domination and a new NCAA record.


Although I always like it when a team does the unexpected like 2017, that 2018 race in the rain and a collegiate record is one for the ages. Team was locked in!!


Thank you FortworthCoog this was awesome to see again! Brightened up my day!


For me from a pure excitement standpoint, 2017 can’t be matched. I still remember yelling like crazy when Burrell got the stick. 2018 was awesome because of the domination and because it played a key part in getting a top 3 finish as a team. I wish we had that 2018 4x100 team in Austin last year, they probably would have run even faster with those much friendlier conditions and still had the record.

That was pretty cool!

I loved the reference by the announcer of “pretty unusual to see a none SEC team win the 4x100 …”.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for bumping the thread so I get to watch it again, lol.