Just add UO and UW

Don’t even make them sign a GOR and watch the other schools jump out of the PAC for the Big 12 in a heartbeat… Kills the PAC.


I’m sure no one has thought of that….


They haven’t, they’re going Gaga over inviting the four corners four instead of teams that will improve the conference.

They won’t do anything until they get rejected by the Big 10

And four corners won’t do anything until UW and UO make a move

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This certainly needed its own thread lol


Those two aren’t going to the b12 by themselves. The money probably won’t be that much more and they still think they’re in line for the B10. In their eyes moving to the B12 is a concession that they aren’t B10 worthy.

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Those are the two i’m not as excited about…big picturewise

They are way out of our footprint and yes they are brands but they are not huge enough brands to mess with our Conference’s direction.

I’d send out a pair of invites to the remaining PAC schools, in this order

#1 Arizona + Colorado: Just makes sense. Close to our footprint and gets us into 2 new large states

If #1 accepts, consider:

#2 Utah + Arizona State: seriously vett them. Do we want two schools in Utah and Arizona? Do they bring enough value?

If #2 accepts

#3 Oregon + Washington: if we secure the 4 corner schools, do we want to deal with two prima Donna schools WAY out of our footprint that are actively looking to leave. Is it worth it? We definitely do NOT give them a better deal- they have no options!

Or do we wait for ACC options and avoid overloading our conference?

Long shots
#4 Stanford + Cal: this would be an almost full merger option

#5 Oregon State + Washington State: Meh


Is there a menu where we can order ducks and huskies from? If so we should definitely do that.

If we have to convince schools to come over, though, we should approach those that we might be able to convince.

That is why we are (reportedly) focusing on the schools we are (reportedly) focusing on.

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If you have a choice between arizona and arizona state, which should you choose?

Hint: there’s only one right answer.

Spoiler: it’s not arizona.

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You’re basically trading your conference football SOS for a metro area. It may be a good trade. I don’t know. But in an age where winning defines your organization taking the dregs of the PAC football brand just screams, “meh” to me.

Now, if its done to cripple the PAC I can see it. But taking one of their worst football teams probably won’t do the job.

What if we end up with the two elite leagues or one mega league with the bigger brands? Obviously the remaining Big XII and PAC teams are not invited. How many teams do you want to split your pie with when the music stops and you might be getting much less than today for your basic college football conference?

I am on the fence. Do you

A) sweep the leg of the PAC by inviting whatever teams will come even though most are not going to add incremental value to the Big XII?

B) stay with the current teams because you could be outgrowing your future contract if the Big XII is one of the “minor” league conferences trying to stay afloat after the Premiere League is formed?

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Arizona all day long


Twist anyway you want to but all the elite teams who draw near 100k per game are spoken for.
At this point you simply try to get the best leftovers and hope for the best

How much would it be worth to ESPN for the SEC to steal Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin?

Which one are you referring to as the dregs for getting a metro area? Were you referencing Phoenix or Bay area?

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According to this, the football history is a toss-up so the tie breaker is academics. Advantage Arizona and it’s AAU membership.

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I hate to say this but winning and being good now means something. This isn’t a project to build over 35 years. This is to survive the next 5-6 years. And ASU is gonna suck for a big part of that.

Oregon is the main school trying to keep the Pac alive. Until they get the invite to the B1G.

We would have to grab the 4 corners to force their hand.

Isnt Zona in the same bucket if not worse given they are almost pre-Briles Baylor now.

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