Just bad coaching

to let a team beat you with 12 seconds left on the clock can only be laid at the coaches feet. The DB’s got beat all night. They should have tackled the guys who got behind them, 15 yards is a worthwild penalty with the game on the line. Now the best I can see is a 6-6 season if that. Because UCF and Memphis are likely losses. SMU is up in the air as is Cincy and Navy.


Very frustrating game and not a good outlook for this season. I was ok with the OU and wazzu losses but this one we should have won. This will
Be a long season. Hopefully we make a bowl game but hoping for stronger recruiting going forward and more stability with coaching.


Yeah, first they coach the WR’s to drop wide open TD passes right in their hands, then they coach the DBs to hang back to cover deep and then let the guy catch it and not tackle. Yup

Guys, I don’t what is worse, losing or all the hysterics from our fans.


Coaches should have never put Corbin in that position. If they knew their players, it should have Stevenson.


Funny how I knew Fritz was going to run a trick play. If you know anything about the guy he will have his team fighting to 00:00.

Then we have three deep safeties and nobody wraps up?

And Corbin III drops a perfect TD pass.

We did get out coached, but never bet against Fritz…he always beats the spread.


I have to question the conditioning. It’s like they haven’t seen hot humid air before. Pathetic.

The secondary is absolutely atrocious. Can’t cover and can’t tackle. And they’re not getting any better. AS poorly as they cover, you have to rush 4.

I really like King. But he can’t throw a pass over twenty yards in the air to save his life.


Coaches can’t force a kid to tackle…just teach him how. I know they are tired but this was lost in the concentration department.

Trick plays are a crap shoot. It was secondary tackling that killed us.


Outcoached, maybe.

However, the coaches didn’t drop a TD pass with less than a minute to play. They didn’t fail to wrap up a receiver in the last 10 seconds of the game.

They did fail to have the team conditioned. Sucking wind in hot, humid weather when you live in Houston???


You forgot about the special teams coach that told the kicker to miss two field goals.


I know your pain , I hated the Levine and Applewhite hires from Day One and stated it so many times surprised I didn’t get the axe. I still think CDH is going to be successful here but thats my opinion. Who did you want to be hired over CDH ?


It was a ### ton of games in a short time frame…two of which were against world-class offenses.

I feel bad for everyone, including our fans but this is still the same team basically that was denuded by Army.

Frankly I’m stunned our staff kept us in the OU and a WSU games.


I could go a lot further. I love my cougars and I attended every one of the home losses of the 0-11 season with Dana Dimmel but our place kicker missed two easy chip shots. Our offense which was getting off big plays in the first hald pulled inwards to more runs after we scored 28. With this defense we need 38 points a game to win.


An up and coming coordinator. Defensive if I could choose. I was never impressed with Holgo as a HC. He barely was above .500 at WV. I don’t know other than Tilman being friends with him why we hired him.


Tulane is a solid team…Fritz could win 8 or 9.
Our athletes on D do not look good.
If tempo worked to go up 28-7 we probably should have kept on the gas until it did not work.
Team effort on the loss.
But congrats to Tulane, they never gave up.


To be bowl eligible we have to beat Cincy, SMU, Navy, Tulsa there and North Texas and we have justle t cincy and Navy who love to run know how to beat us.

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Unfortunately our team is running out of gas in the second half. No depth, big problem on both sides of the ball, fast start and ends up with no energy in the second half…

Sucks, it will be a work in progress…


We will be hard pressed to win another game. First, we don’t have the depth. Second, we didn’t have guys buy in the way they did when Herman was hired, thus our conditioning is poor. Did we really just run out of gas in 83 degree weather? We’re from Houston, that f’ing December weather. Third, we have a staff that is beholden to a system rather than adapting the schemes to the players we have. D’eriq King was a 63% passer for his career. This year he’s completing 52% of his passes. He’s not a pocket passer and the coaching staff should not force him into that positioin. As much as I like the guy, he should consider seeking a redshirt and transferring to a coaching staff that would appreciate and maximize his talents.

With our defense and, outside of Roy, lack of special teams, we cannot leave the opposing team with any time. We should have run the ball on third and goal and if not successful, called time out with 3 seconds left to kick the field goal with no time left. Corbin should have caught the ball, but who knows if it would have mattered.

Fertitta should not be allowed to have a say the next time we hire a football coach. It’s not his job to hand out to his buddy, who is doing a half-ass job merely trying to cash paychecks. The right guy has been there the last two opportunities and Fertitta has f’d it up both times. We won’t get a third chance.



Fair enough, I know everyone in Houston thinks we have to have a pinball offense to get people out but… the 3 best teams in UH history '76, '79 and '15 all had one common denominator…Big D


Boom. That is right. I loved watching Orlando’s defense. Give up a big play… who gives a crap! Blitz ‘em again.