Just Bought The Maui Vegas Tickets

Spending less on airfare and hotel than the tickets…lol. All good. Hope the arena has good sight lines! Hope there will be lots of Coogs there for the 3 days and we can party together! #GoCoogs


Tickets are $570 per ticket

What!!! Chit, bout to cancel my trip. LOL

I did not pay that much. Not sure if that’s the UH specific behind the bench price. I got mine through an MGM presale that a buddy forwarded to me that only lasted 12 hours. Paid $343 +tax for underneath the basket on the lower level. They had a GA single morning session ticket for UH game and Aggie/Wisconsin for about $35. The best tickets I saw were more than a $1000. Kind of insane.

i think that’s a specific package.I got the first session tickets @CougarM referenced above for $50 with fees

single tickets not on sale yet

How many games do you get to see? If it’s for the whole tournament that’s a great deal

I don’t understand the session thing? There are four sessions? Just going to wait until game tickets go on sale.

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4 games per day. 12 games total

I really don’t care about the other games it will take to much time from my poker time. Just the UH games for me.

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