Just ordered Navy tickets

Jeremy, at the ticket, office called to let me know the Navy tickets are now on sale and I ordered 4 for friends and my wife & I. I was extremely happy with Jeremy for doing this as I inquired about when they would go on sale a couple of weeks ago and he noted it and called me back. Kudos to Jeremy and the ticket office.

The rest of the away games are also available and I will go on line and order SMU & TxSt tickets when I find out if my charming young bride of all these years will be accompanying me to either.

The Cincy game is a Thursday night so I will not go to that one. Besides, every time I went to Cincinnati, we lost – I can’t take the chance on jinxing them.

The Memphis game is Friday after Thanksgiving and I will have to either miss that one or miss the bi-annual Thanksgiving family get together at my nephews camp north of Beeville. Since missing the family thing would mean severe disharmony between Linda and I, I guess I will have to pass on the Memphis game. Aarrgghhh!

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Where can we buy Texas St. tickets at? I don’t see them available through my UH account…or are they any even available through the UH account?

You have to go UHCougars.com, click on tickets, then “manage my tickets”, then sign in, then go to the bottom. I think it says other events or something and click on that. Then click on “continue” next to away games and then Voila! after only several easy steps, you find them. Hopefully, they will be easier soon once the initial set-up for season ticket holders is entrenched.

I am all over that website and the only thing I can purchase are season tickets…I do not see a button for other events.

You have to log in your account, I saw my away tickets link along with additional parking pass.

Thanks for the update. Planning on going to TXState and SMU this year.

Once you log in got to the bottom where it says Purchase Tickets under which you will find
Buy full and/or mini-season plans or single-game tickets"
Click on it

Then you will find:
Football Away Games
Show Events
various GA Event continue
Click on continue

Now you should have the list of away games to select from.

Once you log in got to the bottom where it says Purchase Tickets under which you will find " BUY PACKAGES/TICKETSBuy full and/or mini-season plans or single-game tickets"Click on it


Then you will find:Football Away Games Show Eventsvarious GA Event continueClick on continue

All that shows is 2016 Football Season Tickets

Now you should have the list of away games to select from.

I guess I will have to contact them.

Keeper, Jeremy helped me and you will find him very accommodating. I would hope they all are equally so; but once I have a person who helps me well, I go back to them.

I’ll ask for him…thanks for trying to help me out. I’d like to start going to an away game each year, and I love San Marcos. My 10 year old is also excited about a road trip.

i get the same…no away games and no parking passes…there’s a link to request parking pass but, it just sends me to the football season tickets, again…

Texas State has marked up the tickets vs Houston. We are their premier game for the home slate. Let that sink in. It is $30 a ticket.

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