Just saw Dune

On HBO max. I’m definitely headed to the theater to watch it again. It was a visual/auditory masterpiece. It covers about the first half of the novel and if you haven’t read or it’s been a while I’d read the Wikipedia synopsis. Definitely recommend


Can’t wait to see it!

Great novel! The original Dune movie REALLY sucked.

The sci-fi channel mini-series was good, but that book really deserves a quality big screen adaption.




Just saw it and i thought the movie and sound were engulfing but i feel like there was a lot left to be said. Just saw and they might make a part 2. Thatll scratch the itch

Yeah, it hits the place in the story where there’s a natural break because of a two year jump. Warner bros says they’ll green light part two if this one does well. I hope it does.

Living the dream though right now, Dune, Amazon’s Silmarilion show and wheel of time… awesome :sunglasses:

Dune 2 released 2023…awesome…this movie was great!

‘Dune: Part Two’ set for 2023 after strong box office opening - CNN

btw, anyone watching Foundation on Apple TV…is a pretty good series.

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