Justin Murphy

Has quit the team. Discuss.


He didn’t seem too happy with things once King took his redshirt. From his twitter:
My name is Justin Murphy. And I am a part of the 2019 Houston Cougar Football Senior Class.


Not surprising.

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Bad knees? Correct?

But why?

I’m assuming his thinly veiled shot at D’Eriq and Keith on Twitter led to the alleged confrontation at practice, which led to this.

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So he was asked to resign(fired) and not a medical issue?

As with Oliver last year we possibly have turmoil on the team?

Didn’t play the UNT game right?

He was suspended after the altercation with King. Probably wasn’t happy that he came here as a senior and two of the starters up and quit with no prior notice.


Thanks. I missed all of that. Probably not a good idea to go after the guy the coach is working extremely hard to keep.


Wasn’t impressed with his play. Knees appeared to hamper his mobility as he trailed many plays. Line play at UNT was the best all year sans Murphy.


Nope, not a fight your going to win.

As they say on The Wire, “You come at the King, you best not miss” It works and is a fun pun.

But I feel for the guy, battled through a bunch of injuries, 6th year guy. Transfer to what you’re hoping is going to be a good offense. And the plan goes to complete crap. Things blow up and you’re on the losing end, it sucks. The whole thing is a part of life, but it sucks.

Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

On an unrelated note, this sure looks like another year of a big percentage grad transfers failing to contribute.


Off topic but The Wire was a great show. So many memorable lines from there. I drive my wife nuts with The Wire quotes, haha.

Back on topic, I had no idea about an altercation with King either. That is unfortunate.


That was my first thought. Not many holding penalties, either.

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If he is upset about the redshirt bonanza, then I don’t blame him for being upset. He made a commitment to come here and finish out his career based on the personnel, I’m sure.


Don’t know the whole story, probably never will. Wish the best to him, but I thought we played better without him.

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This is true but scouts dont need to see you block for a star QB to decide if you can block or not. With all due respect to Murph, if he was going to be on the field he would have been. King was just the target his frustration was targeted towards. If anyone you should be mad at, its the other linemen that he rotates with that struggle, but you know what they say about common sense.

If King decides to leave after graduating, is that any different than what Murphy did?
When you transfer, you take risks. I presume he wasn’t taking a full academic load or he could have stayed in school, played some ball and made good progress towards a graduate degree.

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