I don’t see him on anyone’s list of players for next year. Did I miss something?

I think most would put him behind Chaney, and the UConn transfer on the depth charts. I also think most expect Powell to pass him up as well. If that holds true, I don’t see him playing many significant minutes.

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When I saw this post, I thought he entered the transfer portal

The fact that we didn’t target the Kopp kid tells me that the coaching staff is still pretty high on Roberts. I think he plays back up to Fabian the same way Fabian played back up to Devin Davis.


Me too… I was thinking “misleading thread title” but then I realized there’s nothing misleading about the thread title

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Interesting state about Roberts. He averaged 10 mpg and 4rebs a game. This dude had a per 40 of 16 rebounds a game. He legit will probably end up being a better rebounder Gorham. And the best part about it is he’s a 3rd year Freshman :joy::joy:. His athleticism and length is so perfect for the way we play. We already know he’s a great rebounder and defender. If he can just either A) get a nice jump shot, meaning 15 footer or corner 3 or B) get his handler a little tighter so he can at least blow by the slower 4s out there. Than he will be Golden.


He can also get out and guard the perimeter. Saw that later in the season and was impressed. He will contribute heavily at some point. If not next season then the following one.


CKS loves this kid and he spoke of him highly in the presser after the Baylor loss.


I thought he looked good his limited minutes, but

It’s a little early to be saying anything like this.

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Excellent reversal of a pre-mature elucidation.


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I heard CKS say that Roberts is going to be a great rebounder!! When we signed him, Kelvin said that at the premiere hs all star games that J’Wan was by far the best shot blocker!

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I think CKS has some great options, he often talks about starting is not the only thing. I believe he values Roberts a lot! He will starting telling us what he feels more when we get closer to next season!

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Roberts is longer and more athletic than Justin and he has a better per 40 when it comes to rebounds. He can definitely be a better rebounder than him. I love Justin and he is a great rebounder, but you are talking as if Justin averaged 12 rebs a game or something, When he didn’t even average 9 a game. I’m not saying Roberts is a better rebounder right now, but Justin is 22 going on 23 and was 5 years removed from high school. If you are saying Roberts can’t become a better rebounder than him 3 years from now, than Roberts has a very low ceiling considering he’s on the team to defend and rebound at an elite level. His offense isn’t what he’s best at. Go watch the Boise State game he is relentless on the boards(as is Justin) but he has that extra boost of length and athleticism

Just my opinion but I don’t think Powell passes Roberts next year. It really depends on how hard they each work on their games this off season.

Roberts is the favorite to be our 4th big next season

I think Kiron is young, with lots of talent! I think that right now Roberts is ahead of him in strength, rebounding & his ability to get up and down the court faster. We all know that Powell has a strong upside shooting mid range jumper. As he gets bigger & stronger I hope he will become an inside and outside scoring threat!


I think he can be a threat from 3 also. I hope Roberts can develop a mid range shot for his game.

Powell is more like Fabian. I see him taking on that role once Fab has gone.

And 3 inches taller, plus will probably add some bulk.

Powell is 6’8 just like Fabian

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