OK, I heard he was 6’10…

Yea he was listed as 6’10 in HS but on the official roster he is 6’8

I would think Fabian is closer to 6’ 7”. Not that it matters

He grew an inch and is listed at 6’8

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Roberts had some very good moments this past Season.

I also now believe that he will be our #4 Big next season.


LOL, then how do you know he is the exact same height as Powell…Powell looks taller to me…what they are listed at and what they really are can be deceiving…

I’m just going off the official height listed at https://uhcougars.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster

I understand but how many times have those been wrong? I just know that standing side by side Powell looks a tad taller. But these old eyes may be deceiving me lol…it really doesn’t matter I am glad they are both Cougars…

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I’m going by their gameplay. Chaney and Roberts seem to have the same game. Fabien and Powell have similar skill sets. Maybe I’m reading too much into ir, but it seems like Sampson has the next player already lined up.

Carlton still here

I see what you are saying but those players are all much different. No one comes close to the versatility White has as a big to put the ball on the floor, face and create his own post.
Roberts is not near the player with his back to the basket as Chaney.
It is oversimplifying to say these two shoot while those two do not

Very true. Just seems that Sampson has player types that he likes.

No way. Powell is a long way from having the offensive skills that Fabian has.

Also, I expect Roberts to get a lot of playing time and grab tons of rebounds.


Powell has a LONG way to go to be White

I agree with that

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