Kansas & Duke

Have pulled out of the tournament. This thing ain’t happening this year fellas

Come on man, don’t be gross - ed

When in doubt pull out!

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Other programs will follow suit. Missed opportunity - you would have had most of the country cooped up at home watching these games. But the interest of public health and safety is far more important obviously.

Golden Corral can’t be far behind.

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Just to be clear, these two Schools have indefinitely susp all Athletic activities within the University. They have not pulled out of the NCAA Tourney. Although one can assume it’s just matter of time before MarchMadness get delayed or more likely permanently cancelled for 2020.


Might be where this coronavirus came from.



A fine point… if they rescheduled they theoretically might play… but how can they reschedule this in all practicality? Don’t see how.

Maybe suspended indefinitely means “no refund, your ticket is still good if and when we play”

Kansas has the best team. If they are willing to cancel…

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tourney is cancelled:

It’s the patriotic and rational thing to do when everyday people are advised to avoid close contact. It’s painful but we’re all in it together. We either fight this as a team or we lose.

It was an exciting and very fulfilling season. There’s every reason to think of this year as spectacular success.