Could they leap Houston in the polls 4 #1 if they defeat a healthy #6 Baylor today :thinking: (Houston beats Memps tom.)

With 5 losses?

If they do, the polls aren’t worth following.


Not if we beat Memphis, a bubble team

Not possible. If we beat Memphis, we pretty much have #1 on locked.

Actually, it’s even possible that we have #1 locked even if we lose to Memphis because Tennesse lost to unkranked Kentucky. Alabama lost to Tennessee.

That said, it’s best we beat Memphis which will certify our spot at #1 to end the regular season.

Might be irrelevant, Baylor looks really good.

No one is talking up Baylor, maybe they should.


committee looks to operate independently than the 62 AP voters who’ll keep UH at no lower than 2. Committee could take a deep dive and justify that shuffle I’m afaid

Baylor so far beasting on Kansas by 12 on the road.

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Texas is definitely the best basketball state in the country.

Texas A&M

Pretty strong


Along with Purdue, Kansas is another fake 1 seed. Playing in the B12 isn’t a valid excuse for getting thrashed at home twice in the same season lol.

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Wow, I don’t want Baylor in our bracket.

throw in Tech who was close to ringing in 2019, and SMU had a very good run under Larry Brown


Looks like we should be more worried about Baylor


What the Hell kind of uniforms is Kansas wearing today?

Agreed, I don’t want Baylor or A&M in our bracket. They both scare me.

I love KU’s unis. Very smart.

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They are thinking the same thing about us.

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Lol. Y’all have way too many teams you are concerned about.

The only team that can beat us in the country if we are both on at the same time is Baylor. They have the firepower from behind the 3 point line to do it.

I really don’t care who is in our bracket. If we can avoid Baylor until we get to Houston, that would be great. I literally couldn’t care less who else is in our bracket. Outside of the Bears.


Too bad we suck in Football

Ironic isn’t it? The capital of football is the best basketball state but sucks at football.

TCU was pretty good.

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Is Gradey Duck a 31 year old freshman