Keenum Brings Publicity For UH To Tucson

Last night The TV Stations had interviews with new U. of Arizona Head Coach Kevin Sumlin.

At the end of the chat they played Case’s 61 yard TD Pass from Sunday’s Vikings Game.

The Sportscaster then says “You might be wondering why we showed a film clip from a Minnesota Vikings Game.The QB who threw the Pass is Case Keenum. He played for Kevin Sumlin at Houston”.



Fixed it


He made Kevin Sumlin better than what he was.

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Arizona boosters are really pushing him as the guy that developed Keenum and Manziel.

Not mentioning that he also had Broadway, Allen, and Murray who all left him.

We’ll see how his relationship with Tate works out.

This is most likely going to end very badly for him. He is not a QB developer. That much has been made clear.

Piland did not reach is potential either.

Actually his claim to fame is negotiating new contracts while winning with a QB he didn’t recruit. What is funny is with Tate he could be setup to repeat the cycle at Zona.


I think Piland could have been better and had he not been caught up in the O’Korn mania and had the concussion, he could have been a very good QB for us. On the other hand, it would have cost us giving Ward a chance. Anyway, Piland could have been developed better with a decent OC and is a good guy. Too bad for him it worked out the way it did.


I agree with Red80. Also, as angry as Sumlin made me by leaving the way (and at the time) he did, I think it’s clear he’s a good coach. He won 8 games a season at A&M. Historically, that just doesn’t happen. And he did it in the SEC West, so he had a tougher schedule than any of those other Aggie coaches. I predict he’ll do fine at Arizona.

But I really hope he loses in the UH home opener.


Let’s be realistic though. A&M was 0-10 the last 5 years vs Alabama and LSU. 6-9 vs Auburn, Ole Miss and Miss State during that 5 years. Meaning they were the 6th best team in their 7 team division.

They were however 25-0 against Arkansas (5), Vandy (2), Tennessee, Rice (2), Sam Houston, SMU (2), UTEP, Lamar, UL Monroe, Ball State, Nevada, W. Carolina, PV A&M, New Mexico St, UTSA, Nicholls, Louisiana and New Mexico.

If it weren’t for Arkansas, Sumlin probably wouldn’t have made it to 2017.


I’m not saying he was Bear Bryant. But what coach has A&M had in the past 50 years that would have done better against that schedule?

“what coach would have done better?”

Just about anyone considering the HUGE gap in talent (unlimited 4/5 stars), facilities, student/alumni support, press bias that A&M enjoys year in and year out regardless of results.

Pad your schedule with patsies and people say “they got 8 wins a year” without even realizing that 4 of those came against patsies.

12-19 vs “on par” teams says it all (TWO QUALITY WINS PER YEAR!!!)

All that “success” and they still raise millions of dollars and pack the stadium, shows how low the football IQ is in collie town.

Where’s that A&M regent from Sugar Land who convinced everyone to bet the farm on Sumlin now?


I was in Santa Clara about 5 years ago and I was watching a highly ranked Oregon team play a highly ranked Stanford team in a casino where I engaged in some banter with local football fans. One of them was wearing an Arizona Wildcats hat and when I said I root for the Houston Cougars he scoffed and said “pick a real team…”. I truly enjoyed watching us beat them at home last year and will get even more enjoyment from my front row perch while yelling at Sumlin as he walks off the field with his first loss of the season in a little over two weeks.


Who cares. Not a question, a statement.