Keenum time!

Show 'em what Coogs are made of!


Not looking too good :confused:

Indeed. Rams look unready to play.

Rams Oline getting crushed.

Creating nothing for Gurley.

Jitters but they are down only two scores. That’s the good news
The Rams D is settling down and playing better that’s the second good news.
Bad news, Case started well but objectively lost his composure on a bad third down. He has a few minutes to shake it up. This is already a very important second half for him. The Rams Offense is so bad that I can’t remember a worst first half from any team. Boras HAS to trust Case. So far NOTHING is telling me that he does. Gurley can’t find a hole or loses his composure? Boras has to be inventive in the passing play calling. So far he has not. I can only imagine what Case could do in the 49ers offense. That’s not reality so it is up to Boras and Case to make it happen. Go Case!!!

This is so hard to watch. Case is making some throws and missing some throws, but there is no breathing room. Dropped passes. No run game. No threat. No spark. No special teams. No plan B. Brutal.

Agree - this is some ugly ball by the Rams.

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