Keep it classy

Just wanted to send out a peaceful request to some of the Coog fans out there. Try to keep chants, trash talk, heckling, etc. classy and respectable.

At the game Saturday I heard a lot F*@# OU chants, cheering/chants when the OU player went down, disrespectful comments to OU fans after the game walking out, etc.

I won’t speculate on why people do this but I will request that you think about what you say before you say it. One, there are kids around, two it looks really poor on the university, and three you look like the fans from the other schools that many of us on here criticize.

Just remember it wasn’t too long ago that we could have been a team that walked out of that stadium with a 30 point beat down. So being appreciative and humble I think shows a great representation of our university and earns the respect of our opponent.

This has been demonstrated by our players after the game. They showed poise, character, and class by being respectful to the team they just beat and acted like they have been there before.

Just my two cents, I hope this will change the actions of some of our fan base young or old.


Good points. Keep it classy Coogs!

If a coach can change the culture of his team, then fans should change their culture as well. Now bring on the unicorns and rainbows …

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I was on board until the unicorns and rainbows showed up. :laughing:

The only thing more predictable than a plea for better behavior from fans is that the fans will behave as they wish. IMO, most of our fans act fairly behaved most of the time. Just like any other fan base. some cursing and heckling is what you get in a large crowd whether NASCAR or lining up outside a new Shake Shack. What’s the fuss about? Seemed okay to me.

Tirade coming in 3,2,1… lol

It’s going to be hard to stop drunk students from doing some of this stuff. The best way to change the culture is to change yourself. Set a good example for the people around you.

I mean…$%&# LAMAR!

We can start on the right track by saying “Talking bout the Cougars” instead of the student version of “Mutha Effing Cougars” when Womp Womp is played.

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The Mighty Fighting Cougars works for me.

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lol this again? I don’t hear MF.

Funny, I was at the game and did not hear ANY of that.

Maybe some of you only hear what you want to hear !!


Agreed, maybe my hearing isn’t too very good, but I’m not hearing MF’ing Cougars on the whole? No doubt there are a few yelling that at the top of their lungs, but it’s not what I “hear”.

Why would you yell dumb crap when you can wink at their women? Being rude to their school just make them cuddle up next to their sorry excuse for menfolk and get defensive. Come on, man.

Never act like a clown in a target rich environment.

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You cannot control the behavior of others but you CAN control the culture/atmosphere you want, whether it is by stepping up and addressing (politely) rude behavior that you see from your fellow fans or leading by example. This sends the message that these actions reflect the choices of the individual, not the program as a whole.

“Everybody does it”, on the other hand, can send the message to those who don’t do it/want to be around it are not welcome.

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Whomp Whomp issues again? You guys need to go to Disney on Ice, not a football game.

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Thank you! Totally agree. We are on stage as fans too.

NOPE! We walked out just ahead of some fans who were embarrassing all of us. One rather large OU fan with his wife and children finally lost it. He grabbed the shirt of one of the foul mouth UH students and threatened if the kid said one more obscene comment around his family he would deck him. The boy started to say something and all the UH fans around him shut him up. It was embarrassing.

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Maybe you need to learn some manners. There are plenty of US who get tired of foul-mouth fans who can’t control themselves.

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Good for the OU fan. We had a similar issue in the OU end zone section. A couple of drunk fans yelling obscenities at the OU fans… really? One of them was so drunk he spilled some beer on one of the fan’s small children before being confronted by the OU dad. It gets real embarassing at times… would we experience the same thing in other team’s stadiums? Probably. Do we have to emulate it? Absolutely not.


UHFan79, don’t assume I’m doing much swearing in the stadium. I just don’t get all worked up about the other folks so long as they don’t spill beer on me, though I dislike it when kids are within earshot of some of the talk.

i’m sure you’re a good guy, but I tire of posters moralizing regarding a game played in a public facility. Bad language and some drunks acting like, well, drunks, are just part of the landscape. You aren’t going to change it. I pay for my tickets, just like you do.

It is not something unique to our fan base. All we can do is control ourselves and try to set a good example personally.

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