Keep your eyes on this deal

amazon is buying MGM.

The new PAC commissioner worked for MGM

It is a leap but amazon buying MGM might be the start for amazon/Prime to become a true live tv streaming serve like disney/espn. It will be “logical” for amazon to get into live/major sports programing to add to their offerings.
Again this is a leap but think of amazon trying to reach as many streaming subscribers as possible. The Houston area/tv market is PRIME.


Amazon bought MGM the movie studio.

The casinos are a different company entirely though they share the name. The studio created the casino division in the 70s to diversify and spun them off entirely in the 80s.


You still have a correlation. This is entertainment.

Is this a big leap? You bet it is, but hey what are message boards in the off season for of but for wild speculation and big leaps.

It’s off season, we’re bored. Amazon buys MGM. They partner with the PAC-12 to become the home of PAC-12 football. They invite UH, TT, OU, and, OSU to become the PAC-16. They make UH the poster child for the PAC-16. They replace Leo the lion with Shasta the cougar for the logo. Kind of like the old Lincoln Mercury commercials, home of the cougar.

I know it’s the studio. Like I said, we’re bored.

Still three months to the beginning if football.


If the Pac-12 moves to Amazon Prime, all of a sudden our local TV market becomes almost completely irrelevant. At that point, it becomes about national audience size and subscriber base, rather than local markets.

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You are correct and this…

Both of their governing boards have common interests with major media players including Barry Diller with MGM Resorts.

You hit the nail square on the head…Eventually the networks will not televise free college football games. Too bad though.

No it does not. How million of viewers do you have in the Houston area? You can bundle all kinds of local services design around a regional/local angle.

There are millions of viewers in the Houston area, but how many of them are going to make the switch to Amazon Prime to watch the Coogs? Who are the people that aren’t subscribing now that would make the switch if only they could use it to watch UH Football? How many people, nationally, would pay an extra $5/month to see UH Football?

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Even Sesame Street isn’t on public television anymore.

Population size of a city won’t matter. What will matter is how many people will pay for espn3 or Amazon sports.

Amazon and Netflix are going for the big boys in sports, not a g5 conference.

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How many people in the Houston buy local groceries through amazon? This opens the door for more offering to their target consumers.
I can’t stand amazon but they are are “prying” on everything your local store offer. Their goal is to give you a one stop shop so you never have to leave your house, lol. This is not too far away from the truth.
amazon has destroyed local malls and killed millions of low paying jobs.


That’s the wrong question. The question is, “How many people already have Amazon Prime and as an added bonus could watch Cougar football?” Amazon Prime will get you free shipping on Amazon products and their streaming service. People like to see getting something for free, or at least perceived as free. Give the devil his due, what they have done in the last 25 years is amazing. They have 147 million customers in the US and over 200 million worldwide. That could be a lot of eyeballs watching Cougar football.

While the market is already saturated, in the 1980’s the Chicago Cubs got an even larger following because of the early days of cable TV and Superstations. The NFL is already moving in this direction.

I don’t know how many people do what, but I do know that my bride seems to have something coming in from Amazon almost every day. I also see their trucks in the neighborhood several times a day, every day. We do have Amazon Prime as well. Also Disney Plus (gotta have it for my 3 year old granddaughter), Netflix, and who knows what else my bride gets.

We have Prime and really enjoy it.

Also have Netflix and Hulu. Owned by Disney Hulu features ESPN+.

At best we watch 5 to 6 hours of Network TV each week.

We only have Xfinity because it has good Internet here and they bundle it with a TV package.

Mentioned this yesterday on another thread.
If your business is broadcast media and you are gaining subscribers, you will need to add content.
If you’re losing subscribers in masses, paying more for content doesn’t seem really sustainable.
There are a bunch of new major players and it has potential to change the landscape.

Amazon is already into sports (they’re televising the Thursday night pro football game this upcoming season I think?). But this deal has nothing to do with sports - it’s just to get the content they need to compete against Netflix, Disney and HBO (which are the main 3 besides them - Hulu is really part of Disney anyway).

I think most major studios will be part of a big media conglomerate soon enough. Warner is already part of HBO. Universal is tied into NBC. Paramount with CBS. MGM isn’t even considered top five anymore (the biggest five are Universal, Paramount, Warner, Disney and Columbia).

This must mean the PAC is bringing over Kansas, Oklahoma, tu and Houston. :joy::joy:

Go Coogs!!

Soon, there will be two stores to buy everything you need — Amazon and Walmart! Some people see Amazon expanding as a good thing. Not me!


I think the media cos. “direct-to-consumer pivot” is a huge wild-card in the upcoming conference TV contract renewals of the next few years. Amazon has already picked up Thursday Night Football. And we’ve read that Netflix, Google, Facebook, etc. may also be players.

via — While Amazon hasn’t had the massive creative successes seen at Netflix (NFLX) and newcomer Disney+ (DIS), it does have the spending power to boost its position in the industry. On top of bolstering its Prime Video offerings, Amazon struck a recent deal with the NFL for exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football at a price of $1.2B a season over 11 years. In total, Amazon spent $11B on content last year, up from $7.8B in 2019… In the race for scale that has ensued with every major media company jumping into streaming, the transaction “will likely distance Amazon’s Prime service from rivals that will (or do) offer a similar service,” writes Citi’s Jason Bazinet. “For a reasonable multiple, the deal ensures that Amazon has access to high-quality content as more media firms accelerate their direct-to-consumer pivot (steve: bold added by me). In the aftermath of several streaming launches, Prime Video, Disney+ and perhaps Paramount Plus (VIAC) are the rivals arguably seen with enough scale to keep up with leader Netflix in the space.”