Kellen Sampson, Assistant Head Coach - thread


Gonna be a great head coach. Very unassuming. I hope he’s studying hard.


I really hope the timing works out to where he can step right in for his dad whenever that time is……


Our coach-in-waiting.


Exactly…… I really hope we don’t have to go to another coach when CKS retires……A seamless transition from father to son would be ideal.


He’s been studying for basically his entire life


Student hopefully becomes the Master. He learning from one for sure


Not a doubt in my mind this CIW with the coach’s son is going to work. This doesn’t come close to resembling a Sutton or Knight situation.


I don’t see why he wouldn’t step in given the circumstances. If he’s the CIW then the job should be his, right?

Or is there a wrinkle I’m not seeing?

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Let’s hope that time is a ways off…


I guess the hope is that he doesn’t get hired away before Kelvin retires.


Part 2

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That could happen but I think it would be with a smaller college. My biggest concern is that OU takes a gamble on him one day. That would really test his loyalties. I think he would take it. But would he take it after we’re in the B12 and KS is a year or two off retirement?

Is the CIW tag a contractual issue or a handshake deal?

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I would assume its a handshake deal that UH would honor cause they respect Coach Sampson

Kelvin steps down, they would work out a head coaching contract for Kellen

Probably the typical Big 12 HC contract, 5-6 yrs, 3+ Million a yr


If we’ve learned anything the past 40 years it is that UH was clearly NOT a “destination” hoops school - but that it become a force because Kelvin Sampson came here and he has a BIG chip on his shoulder. We are not a Kentucky or Louisville or Duke or North Carolina…

CKS taking UH from a dumpster fire to the brink of a natty within a decade is simply unprecedented in all of college BB history. [NOTE: As I recall when CKS first arrived at UH, season tickets were being offered at $100/year and we still couldn’t attract ~1,000 fans.]

UH was extremely fortunate thru a series of extenuating circumstances to be able to attract and retain a coach the caliber of Kelvin Sampson. That is unlikely to ever happen again. Let’s hope that Kellen is up to that same standard when his time comes to be the head BB coach at UH.


We’re not Kentucky or Duke, not an absolute elite blueblood like those programs plus Kansas and UNC. But I think we’re everything Louisville is.

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C’mon now, nothing could be FURTHER from the truth. Doing a quick search I found a Forbes article dated back in March 2019 which states:

#1 Louisville - is the most valuable college BB program in the nation and brings in $50+ million in annual revenues and makes a profit of $30+ million a year.

#2 Kentucky - is second to U of L in that their BB program brings in $48+ million in annual revenues and makes a profit of $22+ million a year.

Programs like these (and like Memphis) play in and sell out 20+ thousand seat arenas. Currently we are much closer to a Rice than we are to these type of programs from a fan support perspective.

Hopefully, the Sampson family sticks around UH for a long, long time and our fan support improves dramatically within the coming years and decades.

Just because they made a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re an elite blueblood. They were 13-19 this year, so I don’t think they have anything on us. Pitt and Minnesota make more $$$ than Kansas, but that doesn’t make them elite bluebloods.


What they DO HAVE on us is somewhere around $40 MILLION more reasons annually with which to acquire a better coaching staff and better player talent than does UH. [think NIL]

So we should acknowledge that CKS is worth his weight in gold to UH - and without him and his staff, our BB program pales in comparison to a program like Louisville.

FYI - Wikipedia states the following info re: the UofL hoops program:

5 national championships
10 final four appearances
23 regular season conference championships
19 conference tournament championships

I don’t want to compare UH’s stats to UofL but you can do so if you want.

Clyde was a better player than McCray


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