Kellen Sampson on 790

Did anybody catch Kellen’s conversation with Matt Thomas? I missed it and as wondering what was said. Apparently Kelvin is under the weather so Kellen was going to be on instead.

I missed it all. Any bullet points anyone?

PrayBot will probably have the entire convo posted soon… with side notes on what was going through Kellen’s mind while talking.


Here you go :wink:. Couldn’t read Kellen’s mind though.

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Was that a shout out to our on JohnnyCougar at the end by Kellen?


They’ve been out rebounded all year long and they have 24 wins. I don’t think the coach is worried so long as they get up a lot of shots and hit 3’s


That would explain A LOT. I always thought it was impossible that a single human being could be in so many places, so many boards and so many threads all at once!